#365ArtDrop18 – 365/8, a leaf left hanging in East London
#365ArtDrop18 – A second year of ArtDrops, 365 carefully placed pieces of art.

One piece of work in 365 parts, a year-long piece of work and the notion, once more, of 365 pieces carefully dropped. 365 things picked up off the street, things saved from skips, piece of wood, frames, unwanted canvases. And when things are thrown out then leaves will grow on them. Another 365 Paintings on things found on the street, painted on, and then left back out there on the street again for people to take should they wish to.

This year the hashtag on the back of the pieces is #365ArtDrop18 and once again the hashtag is there for people to engage with the piece of work. People were encouraged to post photos of themselves with the pieces they choose to take, people were encouraged to post on social media and use the hashtag

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