“Electric” album paintings

I am being very picky about the albums chosen here, this is an ongoing series of Electric paintings, pieces painted during the time it takes to listen to a very electric album just once. I’m rather enjoying the challenge on this series so far, the series was started as a reaction to the “Electric” theme of the May 2022 Art Car Boot Fair. Hopefully, all being well there will be a few more on the other side of the Fair, I expect this series will go on beyond the fair..

“Electric” is the theme of the fair this time and to me electric says kranked up guitars, the smell of over heating amps and loud loud rock music. Electric music isn’t polite, it isn’t quiet. Electric music is raw, visceral, music is emotional, something you can taste, that electricity in the air. The process involved throwing on a very electric album, turning it way up and while it plays (just once) painting the cover of that album on a fresh blank canvas, the paintings will take no longer than one play of the album, the painting had to be fast, alive, reactionary, instant, flawed, the paintings need to be as raw as the music. Album covers interpreted and concluded during the time it takes to listen to that album just once.

The first 13 in the series were painted for the Art Car Boot Fair, there is a limited edition print release of each of the 13. The series will go on….

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