#365ArtDrops Part 29 – Today’s piece was painted on a blue vinyl 7″ single and…

#365ArtDrops  Part 29/365 – Today’s piece was painted on a blue vinyl 7″ single and is now sheltering from today’s awful weather underneath a railway bridge and some beautifully textured bricks in East London. Twenty-nine done, twenty-nine days….


Found on the Great Eastern Road…..

 ·  3h 3 hours ago  Thrilled to find one of ‘s pieces in Shoreditch today. It must be an omen. Hooray!

 ·  5h 5 hours ago  Found in Gt Eastern St this afternoon. Love it. xxx

The adventure of number 22…

#365ArtDrops Part 22 (photo:Christophe Dounier)

#365ArtDrops Part 22 (photo:Christophe Dounier)

The adventure of #365ArtDrops number 22 so far…. A rather cheap and tatty Van Goch print was found sometime last year, can’t actually remember where now, spotted in a skip or something along those lines. The rather vulgar framed print had been sitting in the corner of the studio with all the other bits of junk picked up to recycle, reuse and paint on (there’s bits of old skateboards, frames, interesting cardboard, vinyl records, canvas pieces, high heeled shoes). Spray painted a very simple black leaf (some may see hearts, I see leaves, who is to say?), painted a little more, another crude tag-like leaf (some of the pieces will be crudely painted with little more that a simple bit of spray paint, others will be worked on again again, hours of work, both as valid as each other). And so piece number 22 was painted and ready to go out. I wrote on the back and put it in the bag, in the bag with nine other pieces last Saturday morning.

A short ride on a 55 bus with a bag full of paintings on bits of found wood, a piece on some heavy duty cardboard, a couple of small bits of block that had been painted on repeatedly over the last year or so. And a couple of hours later, ten numbered pieces were hung on the walls of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Brick Lane. Each piece is marked with the #365ArtDrops tag some people can interact on social media, the tag works on Facebook and Twitter…

So part 22 was hung on a nail on a temporary wooden wall  erected around an East London building site last Saturday morning, we took some photos, and left the scene, the photos were posted… was that it? Would we hear anything more of number 22? Tuesday morning, Twitter, seems the piece has been on an adventure and now has a home. Rather pleased to see some photos posted by somebody called Christophe (thanks Christophe), seems the piece somehow found itself outside a Shoreditch pub, wonder how it got there? Here’s the Twitter post….

 ·19 hours ago   “ Happily found outside The Griffin in Shoreditch and going my wall. Cheers Sean”.

it is good to know this one found a home, now what about the others?  That’s two out of twenty eight accounted for. Number twenty nine goes out any moment now….


So what did happen to number 28?

satjan_artdrop53Twenty eight of the planned three hundred and sixty five pieces left out so far, all being well, and not wishing to tempt fate, the final one will be “dropped” on December 31st 2015.  I like the idea of painting on found things that people have thrown away, recycling unwanted material, painting on it and hanging it on a wall, bringing it back to life for someone to hopefully take.  I have no idea what has happened to most of the 28 so far, well I could still see one hanging where I left it when I went past on the 48 bus yesterday and one of the very first ones is still where I left it. I heard back from person that she had the piece left outside London Fields Brewery in her toilet now (always a good piece for art), I know nothing of the fate of the rest of it.  Of the ten left out yesterday, one went very quickly, the other nine, who knows, still there maybe? I know most of the ones from earlier in the month are not where they were left now.

Each piece is numbered, signed and each one has the has tag #365ArtDrops on the back in the hope that tales of the fate of the pieces start to emerge on Twitter, Facebook and such. And no, it won’t always be East London (or indeed London), hopefully as we escape the town pieces will escape with us.   Now then, where shall I leave part 29 and 30.

That piece in the photo is part 28, painted on a piece of found wooden plank,  23cm x 45cm, acrylic, spray paint, screen print of an old line drawing. Wonder what happened to it?


#365ArtDrops Part 19 to 28, Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Hoxton, Stik, Roa, Pez…

#365ArtDrops Part 19 to 28, Saturday 24th January 2015. 365 paintings of things found on the street, things painted on and then put back out there again. Today’s ten were dropped around East London, well mostly hung up around East London but you know what I mean. Did I say I was going to do twelve? Ten, twelve…. Ten went out today, as long as they all go out before December 31st.. Today’s drops were around Shoreditch, Hoxton and Brick Lane, the pieces all strung and ready to be hung, just a case of finding a hook or an old nail, that and an interesting wall… And no, it won’t always be East London, as the year unravels they’ll hopefully be going out further afield. Some days just one, some days in batches like the ten that went out today in the January East London sun.  Now will anyone take one? Will there be any response via the hash tag?

The next twelve in the ongoing series of #365ArtDrops will happen this weekend…

The next twelve in the ongoing series of #365ArtDrops – 365 pieces painted on things found on the street and then put back on the street for people to find and take (should they wish to that is, for all i know they may end up back in a skip), including these freshly painted pieces on hardboard, cardboard and such will happen all at once this weekend around Shoreditch, Brick Lane and such, East London that is…  The plan is 365 things painted on and put out, with the final piece, all being well, put out to be found on December 31st 2015. Who knows if all will be well, fate must not be tempted and neither must the weather.

#365ArtDrops, a sunset, a Ford Capri, an Invader, a bar and a book shop

#365ArtDrops, a sunset, a Ford Capri, an Invader, a bar and a book shop: part sixteen, seventeen and eighteen of the series of paintings on found things recycled and left out on the street again. Part sixteen on a small piece of hardboard, seventeen and eighteen on some heavy duty cardboard….