A quick taste of things to come on that 43rd day though…

At the moment, as well as working on some bigger canvas pieces and working on a book and website for the #365ArtDrops piece), I am please to say I’m busy painting 43 new pieces for the forthcoming #43 show, most of the pieces will be kept under wraps until the 43rd day of the year. Here’s a couple of pieces as a quick taste of things to come on that 43rd day though…. Just a taste….

Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 6 – Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood 70cm x 35cm) Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 7 – Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood 60cm x 33cm)

Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 6 and 7)

Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 6 and 7)


Most of the new work will not be revealed until the 43rd day of the year….

"#43 - Part 1"

“#43 – Part 1”

Coming up next we have “#43”, (that hashtag will be important again)

Following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #365ArtDrops piece of work, #43 will be a new piece from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 parts and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016″. 

Where will #43 happen? We plan to announce it all closer to the day, 43 pieces of work are currently being painted ready for #43 and Friday February 12th, the 43rd day of the year…. We don’t expect that photos of most of the work will be posted on line ahead of the show, one or two tastes of things to come, like this piece painted on a rather tactile wooden offcut (and hung yesterday next to a number 43 just while a photograph was taken), might appear, but most of the new work will not be revealed until the 43rd day of the year….  Facebook event page for latest updates

Sean Worrall - "#43 - Part 1/43"

Sean Worrall – “#43 – Part 1/43”


New work, empty boats, things painted in 2016

On with it, what is it? Who is it?  On with things, a new page where new work created in 2016 can be found has just been added. Last year was rather dominated by the #365ArtDrops piece, this year so far it has been back to painting big pieces and larger canvas works, the first of which was revealed at the Reveal show last week.  Of course there are 43 pieces in the process of being painted right now for the #43 show on the 43rd day of this year.

Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (detail) (2016 - Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (detail) (2016 – Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

The moving tale of the #365ArtDrops piece left at Moor Street railway station, Birmingham….

#365ArtDrops part 348

#365ArtDrops part 348

One of the great pleasures of 2015’s year-long #365ArtDrops piece has been the e.mails and social media postings from people who have found pieces. Indeed at the Reveal show at the Fount space last week it was brilliant to meet people we recognised from photos of them with their pieces and hear tales about how they had tracked pieces down (loved the story one guy told us about how he had been after a piece and was on holiday in Turkey when he saw on Faceook I had left one in a phonebox right by his house, by the time he had woken his friend up at 3am and insisted he go look the piece had gone. Pleased to say he got a piece later on) . We’ve got some great photos and tales of where the pieces have got to. The piece of work came to an end on December 31st, pleased to say the photos and tales are still coming in. Several photos of people with their pieces have been posted on social media again today, we’re busy gathering them all up and documenting it all right now…Really wasn’t aware until the conversations in the gallery last weekend just how much time and effort some people were putting in to getting hold of one of the pieces! (felt almost guilty) .

#365ArtDrops part 348, moor Street, Birmingham

#365ArtDrops part 348, moor Street, Birmingham

Most of the time, once a piece had been left, I must confess i feared the worse, surely that one is going to end up in a council worker’s bin and off to landfill?  I’d find myself checking bins and bushes when passing somewhere where we’d previously left a piece (only ever found one in a bin, and hung that one back out there).  Always exciting to see news of a piece and see that it did indeed get picked up by someone.

#365ArtDrops part 348 and the Selfridge building

#365ArtDrops part 348 and the Selfridge building

One of the very last pieces of the 365 was left out on the street in Birmingham just before Christmas, Part 348 was left outside the very pleasant thing that is Moor Street railway station as we were passing though on our journey home for Christmas. The piece had been painted on some found cardboard packaging, I’d put it in my bag as we left London fully intending to leave it at Moor Street (I like Moor Street, the antidote to the hell of New Street). So part 348 was left outside the railway station, we hung around for a few minutes, took some photos, trying to get the Bull Ring in the background, that rather impressive Selfridges building,  maybe a Birmingham bus or two to contrast with the shots of pieces with red London buses in the background.  So the piece was left outside the station, we took the photos and rushed off to catch our connection and get on with the journey. home.. Nothing more was heard of the piece, must have gone in to a street cleaner’s bin, nothing until today that is when a message was found in the Facebook spam bin

#365ArtDrops part 348, Moor Street, Birmingham

#365ArtDrops part 348, Moor Street, Birmingham

Hey Sean Worrall, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. And thank you for the lovely picture(348/365) that we’ve found on Moor St, in Birmingham City Centre…All the very best, Alan and Jackie Harley”

Only found the message today (no one checks the spam bin on Facebook do they?), sent Alan and Jackie a reply straight away and thanked them for letting me know along with an apology for only just getting back to them today (today is January 15th, annoyed that I only found it today), Alan replied straight away

“Thank you for your reply Sean. Your gift had the most profound effect upon us both. Can I tell you our story?” Alan replied…. And so here’s the story of what became of part 348 (posted here with Alan and Jackie’s kind permission)

MoorSt_Stn_Florist“Thank you..We’re the florists on Moor St Station, a family run business that we opened in 2010. We have 3 children and raised them with an appreciation of art and nature. At the time you left your gift, we had worked long hours over several weeks due to the festive season. We were flagging come the 23rd and looking forward to the break of the Christmas holiday. We don’t mind the work, it keeps us busy and maybe distracted a little. As bereaved parents we lost one of our children, Jake, that was Xmas 2009..If anyone knew our tastes in art it was him. And…on the morning of the 23rd we got hit in the heart by an old song on the radio, not particularly a Christmas tune..it had us both in tears and the words on that day were more than a little bit powerful. So, we had the words ‘purge the soul’ running through our heads and we smiled at memories and the sentiment.. and, we had some very odd things happen that gave us a strange feeling of coincidence or synchronicity, we’re not particularly the type that see significance in such things. It’s always an emotional time for us though and in some respects the giving and receiving of gifts can be a little bit difficult when there’s someone you can’t do that with..So, I’m having a crafty smoke outside the station and found this little piece of cardboard with a flower in the shape of a heart on it . Now I’m puzzled and amused and looking for the owner..and found your message. I now knew what to do with it, your work, that flower was the most perfect appropriate thing I could have given my wife for Christmas, it was the type of gift Jake would have given her. he was always creative. He was a baker/confectioner, who made sugar flowers and plants with the most delicate hand. We started our business when we were in pain, we love what we do and we arrange flowers for tokens of love, for those who take them for pleasure and often give as a gesture of sympathy or comfort. When we desperately needed comfort we found a little picture painted on cardboard that gave us comfort at a difficult time.That has meant oh so very much to us both. Hope I haven’t rambled on too much, but thought you should know just what happens and how powerful it is when you bring art out to the community and it touches us.. Thanks for your time Sean. All the best my friend”.

Well that one brought a little tear to the eye. Thank you so much for sharing that Alan and Jackie. Rather pleased that Alan found it, I was sure that one had gone in to a street cleaner’s bin. .

#365ArtDrops part 348

#365ArtDrops part 348, Moor Street, Birmingham.

Didn’t really know what to expect when I started this piece back on January 1st 2015, kind of hoped people would engage, but really didn’t expect so many tales and so many pieces traveling so many miles, didn’t expect so many stories, didn’t expect so much emotion from people, there’s been some really special moments, some really great people…

Here’s some more photos people have posted on social media, Mary Spence posted  “My sister Polly Thrasivoulou asked me to look out for a part for her too. Part 324 is on it’s way to South Tottenham it will be residing with a cat called Coco and of course Polly and Dennis”

#365ArtDrops Part 362

#365ArtDrops Part 362

One of the very last pieces was part 362, I left it high up under a railway bridge in Hackney, right outside the venue for the Reveal show, left it on December 31st, it stayed there until January 9th about ten foot up waiting to be noticed.  “On our way to the Reveal show when Aaron Leech spotted this hanging under the bridge outside. A very happy little art fan. 362 from the #365artdrops” ..(thanks Aaron, thanks everyone)


#43 – a new piece of work consisting of 43 pieces to be revealed on the 43rd day of 2016….

“#43” – Following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #‎365ArtDrops‬ piece of work, #43 will be a new piece of work from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 pieces and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016.  Once again social media will play a part. here’s the Facebook event page, further announcements can be expected as we close in on the 43rd day…

"43", Liverpool, 2014

“43”, Liverpool, 2014


Revealing, thorns, leaves, railway arches…..

On in to the New Year, art does not take a break, and nor does it want to. The Reveal show has now happened, a four-day group show to kick off the year,  I think we can feel satisfied with the first exhibition of 2016.  Reveal: An Art Show in a Railway Arch – a show curated by Emma Harvey and myself with the intention of revealing some of our new work for the year as well as throwing down some creative intent for another 365 days.. We revealed some new work of our own, in my case a large canvas piece called “Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats” (something I needed to get back to after last year’s dropping) as well as a number in a series of works called “Sometimes They Have Thorns”,

Sean Worrall Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (2016 - Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

Sean Worrall – “Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats” (2016 – Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

We invited a number of other artists to come join us to reveal new work (or new plans or new intentions) in the short sharp long-weekend of a group show.   It was about revealing, about cross-pollinating, and as with last year’s play show, so-called street artists were once again invited to hang work next to contemporary painters, textile artists next to performers. The artists invited this time were Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill, Caroline Reed, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Patrick Morrissey/Hans Hancock , Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Skeleton Cardboard and ThisOne. I think we can say it was a fine start to the year, further coverage of the entire Reveal show and the art of the other artists via the Cultivate page or via Organ magazine’s web pages

Sean Worrall Sometimes They Have Thorns (2016 - Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood) (sold)

Sean Worrall Sometimes They Have Thorns (2016 – Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood) (sold)

And it was a pleasure to meet some of the people who had been involved in finding, following and documenting last year’s #365ArtDrops, indeed recognizing faces from the photos they had posted in, great to have so many conversations about it and hear that so many of you were looking out for the pieces. Busy working on the documentation of it all at the moment….

Here’s a few shots from the Reveal show featuring my parts in the Reveal exhibition…  click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show…. 

And just when you thought that was that, these #365ArtDrops photos just landed…

#365Art Drop part 358 claimed

#365Art Drop part 358 claimed

And just when you thought I was going to shut up about what I was doing last year, these photos just in . A big thanks to Mr Nolions Inengland for all his support….

Reveal_jan2016dateAnd a  happy new year everyone, we shall be kicking off another hopefully exciting art year with a show at Fount, a railway arch right by London Fields, Hackney, East London, opens on Thursday evening January 7th. We just sorted out the beer sponsorship so throw those new year resolutions out the window and come help kick things off. We have an exciting line up of artists coming together for it..I’m kind of looking forward to a creative proactive maximalist don’t let the bastards grind you down 2016, bring it all on, time to Reveal

ARTISTS CONFIRMED for Reveal – Caroline Reed, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, Emma Harvey, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Sean Worrall, Skeleton Cardboard, ThisOne….

Shoreditch Street Art Tours: “One of the joys of exploring street art this year has been the occasional discovery of free art by Sean Worrall, part of a special ‪#‎365artdrops‬ project he ran throughout 2015 and completed on New Years Eve last night. Guests of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour found three pieces this morning” Read more on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour blog

All photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland