Sometimes They Have Thorns…

"Sometimes They Have Thorns" - Gold and silver acrylic paint on a found piece of wood, Sean Worralll, Nov 2015 (48cm x 6cm)

“Sometimes They Have Thorns” – Gold and silver acrylic paint on a found piece of wood, Sean Worrall, Nov 2015 (48cm x 6cm)

Busy times, always busy times, art should be busy.  Colchester and the adventures in the big Firstsite Golden Banana were stimulating, excellent day, lots of opinions, good people and a positive time, more on the Cultivate blog later.

The Deadcuts gig at the Ritter Zamit gallery over in Whitechapel last Saturday night was delightfully full ob “Back in rehearsal after the best weekend to date – destroyed the gallery along with our good friends and allies Jason Atomic, Sophie Macdonald, Joni Belaruski, Adam Espira, Sean Worrall and Starsha Lee” said a Deadcut.  There’s some coverage and photos via Organ magazine and yes, rather like it when art and bands come together like that

A couple of new pieces were hung at Ritter Zamit last Saturday,  “Sometimes They Have Thorns” is a gold and silver acrylic painted piece on a found piece of wood (48cm x 6cm) and somebody left this old print in a rather weathered gold frame outside the studio on Saturday morning (thank you whoever you were), and if something is left then there’s a good chance things will grow on it, fresh layers of gold and silver and such in this case.  “Swan” was the second new piece (71cm x 60cm) hung at the Ritter Zamit gallery last Saturday.

2015 has been about painting and the #365ArtDrops and letting curating take a backseat (well besides the big Play show that sucked up a lot of time and effort). The first Cultivate show of 2016 will be Reveal, it will happen in a white-walled railway arch in East London on Thursday 7th January and will run until Sunday 10th January.



The latest parts of the #365ArtDrops piece…

Part320, was painted on a found block of beautifully tactile wood that really feels like a piece of tree, found in a skip outside a wood yard in Hackney, painted on and left on a wall outside Firstsite Gallery in Colchester on November 18th, there for someone to take should they wish.  We were in Colchester for a talk about open calls, more on that in a bit.  Part 321 was also left in Colchester, hanging on a golden Routemaster bus.  Part 322 was left on an East London wall with the last of the red leaves and part 323 went out last Sunday, down on a suitable blue wall (these placings are always considered) by the Regent’s canal in Hackney, East London. We’ve heard about three of the four pieces, the two Colchester pieces now have homes and a girl called Mary found the piece by the canal .

Latess #365ArtDrops, click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show


Something for the weekend, more dealings with the Autumn leaf fall…

#365ArtDrops Part 319

#365ArtDrops Part 319

“What did you do this weekend?” I hear you ask. Well I founds some more things people had thrown away, things they didn’t want, things to recycle, revive, paint on and leave back out on the street for people to take (should they wish to), carefully placed (never dropped),more part of the year-long #365ArtDrops piece.  And more leaves were briefly shaped before the wind blew them away again…

Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show….


Found on the rails, finders keepers, the hashtag is important….

#365ArtDrops Part 316 found

#365ArtDrops Part 316 found

#365ArtDrops, Part 316, left hanging on a railing in an East London park yesterday and twittered about by the finder this morning, here’s the photo he posted on Twitter. The hashtag and people posting photos of themselves with their pieces is a big part of this year-long piece of work, big thanks to everyone who is posting and sharing (if you do please let us know) .

#‎365ArtDrops‬ part 316, painted on a beautifully tactile lump of wood….

#‎365ArtDrops‬ part 316, painted on a beautifully tactile lump of wood picked up from a woodwork yard in Hackney and left out in the last of the afternoon sunshine on the rails in London Fields, Hackney, E8. Left there for someone to take should they wish to.. Really just wanted to keep that piece of wood, once again a real sense of it being from a tree…

Parking bay 43, Liverpool….

Someone asked about this photo and where it was and what was going on. Left this piece in a car park in Liverpool last year, well painted it in the car park when we arrived there and immediately looked for things to paint on, and then left it there at the end of the event (Liverpool leg of last year’s Art Car Boot Fair). Garvin Turk parked his mummified car next to it… the fact that the piece was left in bay 43 was no accident….

A 43, Liverpool

A 43, Liverpool

Leaves all over the place, falling from trees, hanging on walls….


LEAVES – a series of works left to blow away

Autumn is a busy time when dealing with leaves, leaves all over the place, falling from trees, hanging on walls.

#365ArtDrops Part 311

#365ArtDrops Part 311

Last weekend more of the parts of the year-long #365ArtDrops piece went out, 315 have been left out on the street to hopefully be found and taken now.  Fifty more still to come before the year and the piece both come to an end . We read today, via the hashtag and social media, that Part 312, painted on a sample piece of John Lewis hardwork flooring picked up off the pavement in Hackney, is now on the way to Missouri, USA, we learned of this via the strangely named NoLionsInEngland (well it is social media, people choose the strangest of names), a man who documents street art.  Part 312 was hung on Bacon Street, just off Brick Lane, East London, last Sunday. Hung next to a Dscreet owl (that’s how Dscreet spells it, for once that isn’t a typo), appears the piece was found by an American participant in one of East London’s many street art walking tours.

#365ArtDrops Part 312

#365ArtDrops Part 312

Meanwhile Part 313, a piece painted of a triangular wooden off-cut picked out of a skip outside a Hackney woodwork yard  was found hanging where we had left it just off Redchurch Street, we left it there keeping some Ben Eine typography company, it was found and twittered about by a man called Jim this morning.   Part 300, painted on a recycled Dior fashion bag and left hanging down in the Leake Tunnel underneath Waterloo outside Diane Goldie’s excellent show last, was found, photographed (in a fancy looking tearoom) and, according yo yet another Twitter posting from the finder, is now by the seaside in Brighton.

#365ArtDrops Part 310

#365ArtDrops Part 310

A number of parts of the #365ArtDrops went out over the weekend, pieces painted on found pieces of wood, part 311 was painted on a glittery blue shoe box lid and left keeping a painting of the late Terry Sue Patt company outside Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane, no news on the fate of the glitter show box lid, or the pieces left by the Columbia Road flower market later that afternoon, or the piece left hanging out with Pez on Bash Street (aka Rivington Street) earlier that day. Have you got a piece?

More fallen leaves were shaped for a brief hour or two before the wind blew them off again…. “LEAVES – a series of works left to blow away

The latest carefully placed drops, part 307 to part 315, hung on the streets and left on the windowsills of East London, mostly on Sunday November 7th 2015… The end of this year-long piece of work is now in site, fifty more pieces to go before the year ends….


Leaf growth down under Waterloo station, leaves on the Southbank

Leaves, a series of works left to blow away in the wind (Sean Worrall, 2015)

Leaves, a series of works left to blow away in the wind (2015)

Tunnel time, last Tuesday was Diane Goldie’s opening night at the Vaults, a gallery found down in the tunnel on Leake Street,  underneath Waterloo Station, South East London. Diane extended an invitation to come paint in the tunnel on the night of her extremely busy extremely colourful opening.  Can leaves grow in tunnels?

Left a leaf under a tree in the dark on the Southbank, under the nose of St Paul’s cathedral, some people see other things, that’s fine, it is about leaves and growth and regeneration  though…