A painting is never finished…

A painting is never finished – “Stitched Thorns, Fresh Layers” (2011-16) – 25cm x 25cm x 4cm- Acrylic, spray paint, market pen, thread, varnish. A painting on a torn and stitched back together box canvas that has evolved over the last five years. A painting is never finished until it is taken away, if it stays here then new leaves and layers and things will grow on it…

SW - Stitched Thorns, Fresh Layers" (2011-16)

SW – Stitched Thorns, Fresh Layers” (2011-16)


Further tales of the Wilfred series and that GLC Hip-Hop Jam back in the last century…

Wilfred 2016 (40cm x 50cm)

Wilfred 2016 (40cm x 50cm)

Further tales of Wilfred, the Resonance FM fundraising painting and the latest in an occasional ongoing series of Wilfred paintings. As previously explained, the latest piece has been commissioned by Wilfred’s owner, the latest piece is a painting currently being auctioned as part of the February 2016 fundraising event at excellent London arts radio station Resonance 104.4FM where said owner of Wilfred currently has a Sunday night music show.  The tale of Wilfred is a long and complicated one, a long and complicated story that involves an all-girl Robot dancing duo/trio called Mekamorphis, the GLC Hip-Hop Jam of1984, an all day music and graff jam that happened in Jubilee Gardens, on the Southbank, here in London.  As previously explained (via an earlier post) Wilfred provided sound for Mekamorphis (as well as lots of painting/busking sessions), and since the original posting people have been asking for more information, people have been coming out of the woodwork, painters, writers and performers who were involved back then, that and people asking about the now battle-scared beatbox (no he isn’t for sale, sorry).

Hip-Hop Jam, London, 1984 (Photo: Martin Jones)

Hip-Hop Jam, London, 1984 (Photo: Martin Jones)

The Jubilee Gardens Hip Hop jam of 22 years ago is now stuff of legends, it was back in the days before the internet, before digital cameras and everything being documented, there are only fragments now, some photos have emerged, of it via Martin Jones and the UK Hip-Hop Archieve, see the album on this page for some of it. Someone said there was rumour of a video of that day.. That was then though, the last century, Wilfred lives here in the studio now, he occasionally gets his portrait painted, and right now the latest painting can be bid on here up until Monday afternoon, February 29th, all proceeds go to Resonance FM and keeping art on the airwaves. Resonance is vital, we all need Resonance, we all need to support it, these things are easy to take for granted and before you know it they’re lost and become hazy stuff of legend like that day at Jubilee Gardens, or that time painting in Churchill Square or that time back in the last century when…

More on the fundraising and the treasure to be found via Organ: Grab original art, rare music and more via the Resonance FM fundraising auction… Please do go bid on that painting, Resonance is to be treasured, the auction goes on until February 29th. .




More gardening, Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22)

Thorns, a new piece today, “Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22)” – Acrylic on hardboard, 45cm x 90cm in found frame. A frame picked up off the street, if things are going to be left on the streets then (thorny) things are going to grow in and on them.

Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22) - Acrylic on hardboard, 45cm x 90cm in found frame. .

Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22) – Acrylic on hardboard, 45cm x 90cm in found frame. .

Meanwhile the beetbox painting donated to the current Resonance FM fundraising campaign is currently being auctioned up on ebay by the radio station alongside all kinds of interesting bits of art, music and more, see everything else that’s up for grabs here.

Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22) - Acrylic on hardboard, 45cm x 90cm in found frame. .

Sometimes They Have Thorns (Part 22) – Acrylic on hardboard, 45cm x 90cm in found frame. .

Wilfred, the GLC hip-hop jam, and a new beatbox painting for the Resonance FM fundraiser…

Wilfred (40cm x 50cm, 2016)

Wilfred (40cm x 50cm, 2016)

Please do support Resonance FM, it really is something special, for once I am doing the hard sell on one of my paintings, the money all goes to Resonance, bid here (please). Thank you.

Resonance FM and the story of Wilfred. Wilfred has had his portrait painted several times, he’s someone I like to return to, apparently I have his name wrong, he’s really called Wilfrid. Sorry Wilf, you’re Wilfred now.  Wilfred served valiantly during the hip-hop fueled days of the1980s, he saw action at GLC Hip Hop jam at the southbank, down by the Thames, here in London, back in 1984 where he provided the sounds for an all-girl robot-dancing crew. He played his part during many a busking session at Covent Garden or on the beachfront at Brighton, and he still serves well while listening to Resonance FM here in the studio.

And so a new painting of Wilfred was recently commissioned by Marina Organ, she of Resonance FM’s Other Rock Show (as well as owner of Wilfred and one time member of an all-girl robot dancing team who did battle down at the Southbank that time).  Resonance FM is brilliant of course, a unique and rather vital arts radio station, and right now the radio station that relies mostly on the goodwill and donations of listeners and is mostly run (24/7) by volunteers, is running the annual fundraiser   You can grab lots of art‬, music and & more via the ResonanceFM fundraising auctions, including this new painting of Wilfred.  You’ll find art from lots of people including Bella Freud, Bobandroberta Smith, Jimmy Cauty, Pete Fowler and lots more, all proceeds go to the excellent arts radio station and the upkeep of the broadcasting equipment.  Last time I looked the Wilfred painting was at £62, come on bid it up, it is for an excellent cause.


Resonance is brilliant, over to Ed Baxter of Resonance for more…

Dear friend,  Resonance’s Annual Fundraiser continues till 21st February 2016. Do visit our on-line auction of items and unique experiences which is running on ebay here: about a hundred special offers, ranging from record bundles from Rough Trade, Strut, and Gearbox to artworks by Bob & Roberta Smith, Eleanor Crook and Peter Fowler, to gourmet experiences at Neal’s Yard, Wright Brothers and Roast… Something for everyone – at knock down prices! There are also live events over the next few days with Club Integral, Very Loose Women, The Relatives, Band of Holy Joy, and DJ Food.


If none of this suits your tastes or pocket, do please consider making a charitable donation of any size on the Resonance FM site. In the last six months alone our supporters have allowed us to secure our five-year FM licence from Ofcom, launch two DAB platforms, and entirely overhaul our website. Resonance frankly relies upon your support!

What do we do with your money? At the moment the chairs are falling apart from over-use, the studio laptop has finally expired, and the piano and most the headphones need repairing. With over two hundred people each week using our small studios, wear and tear is inevitable. But we also want to improve our service and help more people fulfil their potential through making radio. Here, just one of our broadcasters – Leonore Schick – explains why Resonance is important to her.  I hope her story gives you a flavour of how the station works – and why it is worth supporting.

IT’S PERHAPS SURPRISING that after all the cuts to arts and community infrastructure, Resonance continues to be so strong. It has had a huge impact on my life, having shaped me, trained me, provided me with friends, and kept me daydreaming. I heard about Resonance before I moved to London, so when I finally got to the city, I turned up on their doorstep. That was in September 2010. I spent the next three weeks shadowing engineers and updating the old WordPress website.


I also went along to the student protest with station programmer Richard Thomas and a couple of dictaphones to make a recording of the event. We got kettled for seven hours; even though he had a press card and could leave, Richard stuck around. I edited the recording, and that was the first Resonance broadcast I contributed to. What started that day is now what takes up a lot of my time: documenting activism. I make a podcast and blog about activists, and am currently working on a short film about a refugee solidarity group, London2Calais, and one about activists in Paris during Cop21.

In 2010, I also met the station’s project’s manager, Tom Besley. I’d just made a fifteen minute episode on the eating habits of spiders, and I wanted to make a half-hour one about a lock-house by the east London canal. I told Tom about my plans and he said we should make a film as well. Last year, Tom and I spent nine months in a community radio station in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, making broadcasts and 20 minute public information films which we toured in a mobile cinema!



Now back in London, with my friends Katherine and Emma, I co-present Very Loose Women, a weekly discussion show which has taken us on some excellent adventures. We went to Derry, to report on the Women of the World Festival; to Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall; to Brighton to speak at a conference on the future of radio; and to Manchester to pick up a prestigious podcasting award. But most importantly, we’ve been in the studio, interviewing guests, over-sharing, and meeting all the passionate and curious people who come through Resonance’s gate.

Leonore’s journey is surely unusual in the restless range of activities to which that initial, tentative broadcast led. But to my mind it also typifies radio’s unique user-friendly but transformative qualities and the ability of Resonance in particular to change people’s lives for the better. Bluntly – with your help and encouragement – that’s the kind of thing we want to keep doing.

Ed Baxter, for Resonance FM

The constantly updated (during Feb 2016) Resonance fundraising page. Please do support Resonance FM, it really is something special, for once I am doing the hard sell on one of my paintings, the money all goes to Resonance. bid here (please). Thank you.

Here’s an interview with me that went out on air live on the Saturday afternoon Newsagents show back in April 2015




Thorns, churchyards, fresh growth, Counting Out Time, shop time….

Gardening this morning, dealing with the growth and the thorns that they sometimes have, the spring shoots of a new body of thorny work is starting to evolve as the days start to get longer

"Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 19" - (60cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas, Feb 2016)

“Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 19” – (60cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas, Feb 2016)

Another of last week’s #43 drops found. Well we say “drops” but they are never ever dropped, always carefully placed, that one in a Shoreditch church yard (East London) if I remember rightly.  Do like seeing these photos of people with their found pieces, we don’t really know what’s going to happen when we walk away, we mostly imagine them going in to bins and landfill sites, well i do anyway. Always good to see people with the pieces, the interaction brings each piece to a conclusion. Thanks Louis, John and Guy

43_found_louishere’s what John posted “Having our traditional school holidays ramble around the Brick Lane area when Louis chanced upon a Sean Worrall #43, lucky boy. Now filling our faces with bagels and cakes before carrying on!! — with Guy Sorce.

I do hate the bring the crass commercial side of things in here, but the Cultivate shop has been updated and restocked with new pieces of work

Pleased to say this piece has sold today, another from the recent #43 show under that bridge, The pieces left from that show will remain on sale until another 43 days have passed and the #86 show takes place 9where upon they shall be £86 each). All pieces can be viewed by appointment at my studio (as today’s was)
“Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18” – (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood) #43. Sold today…
Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18 - (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood)

Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18 – (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood)

Counting Out Time“, acrylic on deep edge canvas, 60x45cm –  this one, from last year,  is now on sale via the on-line shop
sw_countingouttimeThe on-line shop is updated, the shop is always being updated.
Cultivate on-line shop

Cultivate on-line shop

No permission asked or given, galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls…

Well that was a busy weekend, creativity abound in squalor, thing going off, things left on the floor,  art off to Manchester, Glasgow, Kent, thanks people, always good to sell art, always good to have people drop by and see the art hanging on a gallery wall. This weekend the gallery wall was a wall under a bridge down by the canal. No permission asked or given, just “pop-up” and do it, galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls, the only rules is there are no rules.  The weekend just gone was pieces left hanging around East London on day 43, pieces on Brick Lane, on the Hackney Road, Clare Street, pieces left in church yards, on the fence by Hackney City Farm and then pieces exhibited in a “gallery” under a bridge in the wind and rain on day 44. We got away with it for a bit under that bridge, here’s a cut ‘n paste of a social media post from the weekend (you’ll find constant posting on Facebook, still not got to grips with this new fangled phone beast or doing the Instagram thing but you can follow me there now for what it be worth, I’ll work it out soon).


The cut’n paste bit and some words from the weekend…. “Thanks to everyone who braved the wind and rain to join us under the bridge on Saturday (and no thanks to the jobsworth, “you can’t do that” said the man with a clipboard) and thanks to all those who went hunting “43 drops” on Friday, I see a lot have been taken, sorry to those who went looking and didn’t get one. Looks like there there’s still one or two out there in Sunday sunshine hanging around church yards and such…. Today I am mostly trying to finish a painting for the Resonance FM fundraiser. Some of the 43 pieces are still available at £43 each and can be viewed today at my studio (pm me if you want to know more). The pieces will be available for the next 43 days at a price of £43 each whereupon they will join some other pieces at the second #43 show on the 86 day of the year… These pieces are available today at my studio in Hackney where I shall be painting for the Resonance FM fundraiser”

Sometimes They Have Thorns

Sometimes They Have Thorns

And, as it said up there in the previous paragraph, some of the #43 pieces are still available, if you wish to drop by the studio, then please do get in touch and we’ll arrange an informal time and put the kettle on, I’m here most days working on several things at once and some of the bigger #43 pieces like those four up there in that photo (actually no, the third one from the left has now been sold, the other three and some other pieces are still on sale)  On day #86 the pieces still on sale at £43 go up to £86, sorry people, even artists need to eat (#rent #paintcostsmoney). #86 will take place on the 86th day off the year, 23rd of March I do believe.

And once again a big thanks to Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland for more coverage and some great photos over the weekend via Shoreditch Street Art Tours, as well as some previous coverage here… Love this photo of a piece being taken from the wall on Brick Lane by Ingrid (thanks Ingrid, I like it when art makes people smile).

A #43 piece found.  Photo: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland

A #43 piece found. Photo: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland

Right then, thanks everyone, thanks for being part of the weekend, on with the painting and things, this is a non-stop operation, days off are not an option… see you out there…