Fresh layers, new growth, leaves, starz…

Fresh layers, new growth, leaves, starz, work in progress, an evolving larger canvas, it is;nt all about the notion of a daily painting….



Stars, starz, 43 Starz…

Starz, 43 of them, and the ongoing notion in 2017 of a painting  brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of the year. 43 starz painted on a piece of wood. The latest daily pieces can be viewed here,  The on-going notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of the year, some of them have been hung in galleries, some left hanging on the street for people to take should the wish to, some are available via the on-line shop, some have gone to new homes around the world, some are just hanging around in the studio.  Today is day 228, a 228th painting, a painting on a paint brush, is over there drying. The 43 Starz piece was the 226th piece of the year, a painting completed and brought to a conclusion on the 226th day of the year, that doesn’t mean it was started on the 226th day…   


226/365 (14th August,2017) – Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017. On day 226, a 226th piece, acrylic, brushwork, spray paint, gloss varnish on an old found recycled piece of wood picked up off the Hackney Wick street and used as part of the installation piece at the Inside Out show before more layers and stars (Starz) grew on it, 43 stars.. 64cm x 14cm x 2cmon



“If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, last week at Hackney WickEd…


An installation at the Inside Out show, Here East, Hackney Wicked 2017

One week on from the opening of that Here East show and everything that went with it over the weekend at Hackney Wicked last week. There’s plenty of conflicted thought, words, turmoil, fractured photos and long pieces in terms of the show and the whole weekend to be explored over on the Organ pages, the plight of Hackney Wick and the community there is something very emotive, The Organ is the place for more of what happened during the WickEd weekend, including a word or two from the opening night of Inside Out. This page is about the actual art – although the  art and the emotion of what is happening in Hackney Wick right now can’t really be divorced –  – the actual art and the notion of leaves and fresh layers growing on the things we throw out, the old unwanted frames, the pieces of wood, the beer bottles and pieces of astroturf, the books, the pieces of wood picked up from outside the building, and the canvas found in skips as studios are emptied and closed by the arrogant developers.

The installation at the Inside Out show (curated by Gavin Turk and Anna Maloney) was called “If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, it consisted of several recent paintings and leaves (tags if you wish) on found objects including a piece of red fabric from the Neo Naturists show at the ICA last year very diliberately places within the pice alongside several beer bottles drawn on as the opening night evolved and people threw them away – if you throw them away then leaves will grow     And there may have been a bit of leaf growth elsewhere around the Wick….

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