Art Drops around Hackney Wick…

I imagine there are quite a few parts of the ‪#‎365ArtDrops‬ to be found around Hackney Wick and Fish Island (East London) today should you be of a mind to go explore. Well worth exploring the Wick, Hackney WickED and all those open studios. Treasure it, the ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’, will any of it be there next year? .Quite a few parts of the piece were left around Hackney Wick yesterday as we explored the studios and took part in the wastelands and open spaces of Den-City.. The Open studios and everything else are open and there to be explore all this weekend



Next up, Den-City over on Fish Island, Hackney Wick…

den_city_flyerxI shall be participating in Artist Rebecca Feiner’s Den City on June 26th to June 28th mostly with the careful hanging (never actually dropping is it can be helped) of pieces that are part of the year long #365ArtDrops piece of work. Den City is a “temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages. Colourfully, repurposing, and recycling on the theme ‘Work in Progress’ . DEN- City1 will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land by the Olympic site. Forget Glastonbury, this is a free space, an art city where money has been abolished, and the only place to be in response to the London Festival of Architecture”. Featuring talks, workshops, to poetry, performance special opening night events and many other surprises…” it happens on Friday June 26,- 6-9pm, Saturday June 27, 2-9pm and Sunday June 29, 1-4pm. The event happens in Hackney Wick, in the (rather large) yard of H.Forman & Son, Stour Road, Fish Island, London, E3 2NT.

I expect around twenty or thirty parts of the #365ArtDrops will be found both at Den City and around the surrounding area throughout the weekend for people to take should they wish to.

Other artists involved in Den City include Paul Sakoilsky, Hannah Gardiner, Kate Farrow, David.C.West, Sean Worrall, Matthew Andrew, Susanna Sanroman, India Roper Evans, Charlie Fox, Anna Maloney, Martin Sexton, Rubbish Artist, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Tom Estes, Mia Culpa, William Angus Hughes, Rebecca Scott, Meiko Kikuta, MonikaTobel, Samuel Brzeski, Danny Pockets, Joanna McCormick, Julia Maddison, Andrew Stys, Cluster Bomb Collective, Gzillion Artist, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Jude Cowan Montague, Iris Garrelfs, Ansell Cizic and more

Latest #365ArtDrops…

#365ArtDrops Part 127

#365ArtDrops Part 127

Yesterday’s parts, number 127 and 128, were painted on a piece of found hardboard and a piece of black bookcase, one was left in the greenery of an East London park, the other hanging underneath a railway line by a busy East London road  Meanwhile it has been reposrted via social media, that part 112 and part 126 have been taken, photos of both were left on Facebook and Twitter….

#365ArtDrops Part 128

#365ArtDrops Part 128


Play, #365ArtDrops, more railway bridges, more left by the canal, more, more…

The corner of that warehouse from a couple of weeks back, a beautiful space to curate and show these four pieces in. The wooden piece “Emma Street” has now been sold, the Play show, I think we can say, went rather well…

play_sat4xplay_others1Meanwhile part 125 of the on going #365ArtDrops piece was painted on a found piece of wood and left hanging in the evening light down by the Regent’s Canal, Victoria Park, East London. Part 126 was painted on a found paper bag and left hanging underneath an East London railway bridge…..

Part 123 was left underneath an East London railway bridge…

On with the #365ArtDrops, a year-long piece of work in 365 parts.123 and 124 were hung out on the street yesterday, part 123 painted on a found piece of wood and hung under a bridge by London Fields railway station, part 124 on an old block of wood (looked like something from an old piece of furniture) and now hanging outside a bar on Broadway, Hackney, East London. I expect quite a few more of the pieces will make it out there this midsummer weekend now that the distractions of the warehouse and the fun of the Art Car Boot Fair have passed for another year (well passed in terms of London, Margate still to come in late August).



#365ArtDrops Part 123 and 124…


Meanwhile a piece painted on a piece of board, well over an old faded print in a gold frame from a charity shop the day before the Art Car Boot Fair (and sold at said fair)

WHITE LEAF - 26cm x 36cm including frame,

WHITE LEAF – 26cm x 36cm including frame,



The 6th One Hundred Pieced Piece and the people who were part of it…

The 6th One Hundred Pieced Piece, a piece of work in one hundred parts, painted on one hundred pieces of recycled cardboard. All painted with the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fir in mind One piece of work consisting of one hundred pieces, each hand painted with both brush and spray paint on one hundred pieces of recycled cardboard at the same time, Each piece on sale at £1 at the 2015 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, East London, on Sunday June 14th.


Some thoughts posted on social media this morning – “Good time had at the 2015 Art Car Boot Fair yesterday. Lots of meeting and chatting with people (sorry if i got a little busy as times when people were trying to talk to us on the stall). I do rather like the engagement that comes with the One Hundred Pieced Pieces and the idea of a piece of work that exists in one hundred pieces that can be sold for just one pound each. I see it as one piece of work that is shared between many people (so really I sold a piece of work for £100). I like that people come up to me and say they have a piece on their kitchen wall or in their office, I like that hardly any money changes hands and it really isn’t worth anything other than the pleasure. Really enjoy being a part of the Art Car Boot fair, really enjoyed it again yesterday. Of course it is good to sell a painting or two and and pay the never-ending bills, but there something about the pleasure in painting these £1 pieces and the enjoyment comes with the whole process. Big thanks everyone who came along, good to talk and share… Several people told me I should charge more for these pieces but that would defeat the object of the exercise. I might be as broke as hell but you can’t buy art moments like some of yesterday’s. Big thanks everyone, big thanks to the hard working organisers of the Art Car Boot Fair (it would drive me mad putting all that together, Play last week was enough for a bit). And a massive thanks for the chocolate and Guinness cake, the photos and the smiles

Here’s the photos of the One Hundred Pieced Piece, click on an image to enlarge or to run the slice show, big thanks to all in the photos….

2015 bootfairsmall

PLAY, an art event in an East London Warehouse and my corner of it…

and so the weekend came and went, people played and we blistered our feet. PLAY took place last Saturday and Sunday in a soon to be demolished warehouse in Hackney, East London. Curated by myself and Emma Harvey, the show, the photos of the work of the other artists we invited to take part, the people who came along, the things that evolved over the weekend as well as my thoughts on the show and the weekend are over on the Organ pages. Meanwhile here’s a video made on the first day by the Whitesao team (thanks Whitesao)


It all happened one minute from London Fields railway station and right by Broadway Market, by the park itself (and all that that involves on a summer weekend). The plan was a very busy two day art exhibition, a place to Play, artists coming together and doing it ourselves, doing it in a great big warehouse (guarded by a Burning Candy cat and sweet set of teeth, 2010 vintage rather then the fangs of now). We wanted to bring an unwanted building to life again, walls and floors alive with paintings, with sculpture, installation and more, street artists jousting with contemporary painters, sculptors juggling around installations, performance next to leaf growth, next to Emma Harvey’s bold red mouths or Julia Maddison’s Our Lady of The Chip Shop or the big banners of Danny Pockets … A two day art show in a great big beautiful shell of a (soon to be demolished) warehouse. A gathering of pro-active artists who had either exhibited work with is at Cultivate during the three year Vyner Street period or worked alongside us at other events in recent times. We were being very picky about who we invited to take part, we wanted the show to be balanced and considered, very much a curated thought out exhibition rather than a chaotic free for all, we wanted the exhibition to flow, you work as one whole, we wanted the black and white illustration of Mille Easton or Phillip Hawkey next to the intrigue of samuel Brzeski or India Roper Evans – but this was essentially artists coming together for a DIY punk rock style weekend art exhibition in a disused East London warehouse.. Egos and attitudes left at home, artists coming together to make something happen, a busy show, maximalism in the ruins of the fast disappearing East London playground and everyone is invited to come have a look and explore the walls and floors, explore the art and the people making it… more over on the Organ pages

As well as curating the whole thing (with Emma), directing the hang (and leaning up afterwards), I took over a corner for some growth as well as took on a bit of gardening outside in the yard.


Gardening, fresh growth, more art drops, maximalism in a warehouse, Play, curating, organising, Organ-ising…

play_posterGardening, fresh growth, more art drops, maximalism in a warehouse, Play, curating, organising, Organ-ising, artists doing it ourselves. A painting is never finished until someone takes it away….

Busy times, always busy times, busier than ever..  Gardening growth and a touch of Friday morning tending to the leaves, fresh layers for the weekend and the warehouse and Play. This week it has mostly been about juggling artists, sorting out officialdom and curating things. Maximalism indeed…  No sleep till Brick Lane, no, that’s next weekend, this weekend it happens in Hackney, London Fields….   The big green canvas had a giant white exclamation mark, that was then though, the painting stayed in the corner and if things stick around here then things are going to grow on things, a painting is never ever finished, growth never stops, seeds are planted…   And somewhere in amongst it all the sixth One Hundred Pieced piece is taking shape ready for next week and the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair,



“Cuckoo Cocoon” – Acrylic and spray paint on canvas (2015) 140cm x 140cm


#365ArtDrops Part 121 painted on a found piece of hardboard and now hanging on the Cambridge Heath Road, East London, #‎365ArtDrops Part 122 painted on a found piece of cardboard and now keeping a pink rhino company near a warehouse in East London


Work in progress: the 6th One Hundred Pieced Piece, a piece of work in one hundred parts, painted on one hundred pieces of recycled cardboard. On sale at £1 a piece at the 2015 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, East London, on Sunday June 14th.


On with the maximalism and let the growth flow….