#365ArtDrops part 45….

#365ArtDrops part 45, February 25th, East London. Today’s piece on a small off-cut of thick cardboard has been planted in an old horse drinking trough

The Chinese Open, more art drops, dogs, leaves, broken frames, brutalist car parks….

chinopen_sean7 This week just gone was mostly about the 2015 Chinese Open and what has now really come to feel like the event that marks the start of the London art year.  This year it was a one day event, back to Q.Park again, Chinatown, Soho, London. I do love shows in brutalist car parks, there’s some words and photos of the whole event over the Organ pages, here’s some trumpet blowing images of my part in the event both inside and outside.  The idea of leaf growth inside a concrete car park, of things reclaimed, revived, brought back to life, cultivated, grown on….

Inside it was an installation made up of things painted on, found recycled pieces of packing cases, pieces of astro turf (dogs love astro turf!), broken frames, the paint can, recycled cardboard, all put together… Outside it was on with the #365ArtDrops and a piece hanging on the wall while the Chinese Open Celebrations took place….


Record growth and leaves and vinyl and record sleeves and….

Added a whole load of vinyl records in customised hand painted sleeves to the Cultivate, Vyner Street on-line shop. A whole load of perfectly good and still playable vinyl inside sleeves that have been painted on. Sold a whole load of them at the Art Car Boot Fair last year, just found some that were left here in the studio, here comes the link for the shop… All for sale at £10 each….


Eight new pieces finished (if indeed a piece ever is?) in the early spring sunshine of today. Eight pieces painted at the same time.

SEAN WORRALL – EIGHT PIECES OF GROWTH –  Each one 20x20cm, a growth of  acrylic, spray paint, elements of screen print on the actual painting, marker pen on canvas. Feb 2015.  A series of eight small layered original painted canvas pieces all painted together over the last few months…  Each piece numbered, signed on the back.

All eight pieces are now available via the Cultivate on-line shop.

#365ArtDrops, part 40, 41 and 42 left out around East London….

The continued adventure that is the piece of work called #365ArtDrops in which 365 paintings, paintings on things found on the street, painted on and then put back out on the street. The adventured continued today with part 40, 41 and 42 left out around East London, Part 40 was painted on a piece of hardboard found left outside a woodwork workshop in Vyner Street, part 41 and 42 were found left on the pavement outside an artist’s studio at Space, Mare Street. All three pieces went out this morning….


“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat”

sw_brokengoldframe“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat” said someone on a social media site yesterday (a site called Ello if you must know), kind of like that. it was a comment underneath a photo of a piece that emerged from the studio here yesterday, a piece that doesn’t have a name yet and may not be finished yet. I guess it was an old mirror frame that had fallen off someone’s wall, there it was on top of a rubbish skip ready to go off to landfill until….

Got in to a chat about the “motif”…

“I see the motif (or some might tag) as a leaf, others see hearts, or
whatever they wish to see, and that is fine, some even talk of leafhearts, for me it is a about growth, new things growing on old  unwanted things, fresh life on dereliction, the hope of new leaves….”

So yea, aesthetic consolation in an urban setting…..  I rather liked that…. Mirror mirror on the wall, His heart was broken long before he ever came to you. Stop your tears from falling, The trail they leave is very clear for all to see at night…   Found another old wooden frame the other day, with just a tired old wooden panel in it…



a deliciously orange place….

#365ArtDrops – this relatively big cardboard piece was left on Redchurch Street last Thursday evening, it needed to be rescued from where it had fallen when I went past on Saturday morning, rescued and put back out today in a deliciously orange place – today being Saturday Feb 7th.. Passed another one as it was being photographed by tourists, another one of those street art tours.  38 days in and 39 pieces left out so far, some of them fall by the wayside, some of them stay where they were put, some are taken, never to be heard of again and some we find out about. hearing about where they’ve gone is very much part of this piece, we’re hearing about around a quarter of them right now, thanks people….