…a piece of wood picked up off the Hackney street,  and when a piece of wood has been thrown out then fresh layers will grow on that piece of wood…

A new piece that’s been evolving in the studio over the last few weeks, fresh layers, new growth, a painting on a piece of found wood, a piece of wood picked up off the Hackney street,  and when a piece of wood has been thrown out then fresh layers will grow on that piece of wood.


Sean Worrall – “Hackney” (April 2018) – Acrylic, gloss varnish on found recycled board picked up off the Hackney Street. 26cm x 57cm

Rather looks like Saturday might be a good day to be over in Hackney Wick and down by the water in the sunshine at Grow Hackney on Saturday for the DIY Art and Vinyl art market thing that’s happening in conjunction with Vinyl Pimp. I shall be bringing along some of the more recently hand painted vinyl pieces as well as some customised record sleeves that I’ve painted on that still has some perfectly good vinyl inside and just maybe a slice of vinyl or two that originally came wrapped in some of my artwork when it originally came out back there (haven’t done a record sleeve for anyone for ages, it was quite a buzz walking into a record shop and seeing one of your paintings in a record rack, never quite the same seeing your work on a CD cover,never ever got much of a buzz from doing that and seeing it is shop, loved painting album covers though, don’t think anyone ever worked out that if you got out all your Atom Seed Ones they joined up). Anyway, Saturday afternoon, we’ll be down by the water celebrating Record Store Day. The Facebook event page 




There’s something satisfying about hanging a piece of art on the street and then just walking away…


#365ArtDrop18 – 54/365, a leaf left hanging in Shoreditch, East London. April 2018

More #365ArtDrop18 pieces, and yes that hashtag is part of it, the 54th and 55th parts of the year long piece of work were left hanging out on the street last night  Two fresh leaves, two star shaped leaves left hanging (and if they both rock three times that will add up to six), two recent paintings, two pieces painted on some unwanted recycled wood picked up from the Hackney street last month, the latest of 365 artdrop pieces planned for 2018.  365 paintings on recycled material, left hanging back out on the street, these two left hanging amongst the colour of Shoreditch, East London. Two paintings left there waiting for someone to take should they wish to do so.


#365ArtDrop18 – 55/365, a leaf left hanging in Shoreditch, East London. April 2018

There’s something satisfying about just hanging a piece of art on the street and then just walking away, especially when that piece is painted on something that had been thrown away. I don’t know if any of these pieces end up in landfill after they’ve been hung, but the pieces of wood and such were heading that way anyway…. I expect a few more might find their way onto the street over the weekend….

Oh and how good is that Mash piece, one of the best pieces of proper graff we’ve seen in ages. The nail I hung the piece on was already there, nothing was mashed, the pieces are always respectfully carefully hung.

The ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day…


Daily Conclusion 423 (59/365/2018 – Feb 28th). On recycled cardboard

The notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every day started back on January 1st 2017, not a painting started and finished on the same day, just one of the many paintings that tend to be happening and evolving in the studio at all the same time brought to a completed conclusion (right now there’s around twenty half finished smaller paintings as well as several much larger ones here in the studio). The notion was originally to end on December 31st, somehow it didn’t, it was originally a year long challenge I set myself, I rather enjoyed the discipline of having to do it though, so until it stops being a positive thing and starts to become a burden then on the notion will go on. I need to draw or paint every day, a day is not complete until paint has touched canvas (or wood or vinyl or…). 


Daily Conclusion 408 (44/365/2018 – Feb 13th). On a recycled piece of fridge

And I do rather like the mass-production pop art aspect of it all, I do like the idea of producing so much work that there’s very little monetary value in any of it, that a piece of art can be on sale for little more than you’d pay for a much-loved CD or a cake and cup of coffee or a couple of pints, I kind of like that people can enjoy buying a small piece of art without it being about money and the value and the big price ticket, I like that some of them can be left on the street for people to take or that the pieces can be on sale (of course paint costs money and bills need to be paid so if you do see a piece you like and it isn’t in the shop, then do please ask, I may still have it here in the studio).  Today I am mostly working on a big canvas piece that will hopefully be part of a solo show of larger work later this year….


Daily Concluded paintings, Jan 2018




Bridges over the Thames, Chip shop walls, abandoned tube stations…



#365ArtDrop18 – 49/365, a leaf left hanging on The Strand, London,

Bridges over the Thames, Chip shop walls, abandoned tube stations, the year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece of work goes on, there been 53 of the 365 paintings left out for people to take now, there would have been quite a few more but the weather so far this year really hasn’t been favourable in terms of leaving art hanging on walls.  Last week pieces were left down by the Thames, indeed a piece left on a bridge over the Thames. pieces were left all over town…


#365ArtDrop18 – 53/365, a leaf left hanging by a bridge over the River Thames, London,

Pieces were left on The Strand, outside the old and now abandoned Aldwych tube station (or Strand station as it says on the front of the now bricked up building).  A piece left hanging on the wall of an East London chip shop was soon claimed by a little girl in red boots (almost as soon as I hung it, she got her dad to get it down for her). The interaction is a big part of the piece of work of course, the use of the hashtag and the hope that we hear about where this year’s pieces have got to is a very big part of the year-long piece, the photos of people with their pieces and such…..


#365ArtDrop18 – 46/365, a leaf left hanging in East London, and quickly claimed…

We know that of the 53 pieces left hanging in London so far, that pieces have been found and taken to Belgium, Portugal, Germany, as well as various parts of the United Kingdom.   Alas this time, people are telling us they’ve found them via private message or by leaving comments under photos we’ve posted on social media, or by sending in very bad photos of just the piece of work and with no real context, I thought this was the selfie generation? Come on, let’s see you with the piece,  or go hold by a sign for your town or at least your cat, where have those pieces gone? Tell us the stories…

Click on an images to enlarge or ot run the slide show of some of the recent pieces left…

The luck of a thousand stars can’t get me out of this….


“The Luck of a Thousand Stars” – Acrylic, brushwork, spray paint, marker pen, gloss varnish on recycled wooden board in a recycled found Ikea frame – for when a frame is thrown out leaves and stars will grow in it – 55cm x 75cm, (March 2018)

Stargrowth, when a frame is left on the street then stars will grow…

Fresh star growth, new layers in a found frame (and when a frame is thrown out and left on the street then things will grow in it). This frame was found on the Hackney street a couple of weeks back, the Spring growth and the new layers have been evolving in the dark of the studio here in East London ever since – “Stargrowth”, acrylic, gloss varnish on recycled hardboard in a found frame, 68cm x 55cm,  (February 2018).


“Stargrowth”, acrylic, gloss varnish on recycled hardboard in a found frame, 68cm x 55cm,  (February 2018).


A leaf left hanging on a wall in East London yesterday is now off to San Francisco…


#365ArtDrop18 – 365/9, a leaf left hanging and now found by the person who posted this photo

That piece in the photo up there, that painting, that leaf, those starz, that piece was left hanging on Fashion Street, just off Brick Lane, East London, a couple of weeks back, the photo above appeared on social media a couple of days later. As we keep saying, the photos people post with the pieces they have chosen to take are a big part of this piece of work..


#365ArtDrop18 – 23/365, a leaf left in East London

And I see the 23rd piece, a leaf left hanging on a wall in East London yesterday is now off to San Francisco, that is good news. Ten pieces were left out yesterday, I assume some of them are still out there. The #365ArtDrop18 hash tag is a big part of this year-long piece of work. Of the 27 piece left on the street so far this year, we know that five have been taken and two are still out there, the fate of the rest of them remains unknown. We know that one piece has gone to Belgium, one to the US and three more that we’ve heard or seen that have been taken but we know not where they now live…


The Spring is suggesting she might finally almost be here, the art drop thing was never intended to be daily, just a piece of work in 365 parts that will hopefully go on throughout the year.

Click on an image t oenlarge or to run the slide show of last weekend’s srops…