“If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, last week at Hackney WickEd…


An installation at the Inside Out show, Here East, Hackney Wicked 2017

One week on from the opening of that Here East show and everything that went with it over the weekend at Hackney Wicked last week. There’s plenty of conflicted thought, words, turmoil, fractured photos and long pieces in terms of the show and the whole weekend to be explored over on the Organ pages, the plight of Hackney Wick and the community there is something very emotive, The Organ is the place for more of what happened during the WickEd weekend, including a word or two from the opening night of Inside Out. This page is about the actual art – although the  art and the emotion of what is happening in Hackney Wick right now can’t really be divorced –  – the actual art and the notion of leaves and fresh layers growing on the things we throw out, the old unwanted frames, the pieces of wood, the beer bottles and pieces of astroturf, the books, the pieces of wood picked up from outside the building, and the canvas found in skips as studios are emptied and closed by the arrogant developers.

The installation at the Inside Out show (curated by Gavin Turk and Anna Maloney) was called “If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, it consisted of several recent paintings and leaves (tags if you wish) on found objects including a piece of red fabric from the Neo Naturists show at the ICA last year very diliberately places within the pice alongside several beer bottles drawn on as the opening night evolved and people threw them away – if you throw them away then leaves will grow     And there may have been a bit of leaf growth elsewhere around the Wick….

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Next up, Den-City over on Fish Island, Hackney Wick…

den_city_flyerxI shall be participating in Artist Rebecca Feiner’s Den City on June 26th to June 28th mostly with the careful hanging (never actually dropping is it can be helped) of pieces that are part of the year long #365ArtDrops piece of work. Den City is a “temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages. Colourfully, repurposing, and recycling on the theme ‘Work in Progress’ . DEN- City1 will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land by the Olympic site. Forget Glastonbury, this is a free space, an art city where money has been abolished, and the only place to be in response to the London Festival of Architecture”. Featuring talks, workshops, to poetry, performance special opening night events and many other surprises…” it happens on Friday June 26,- 6-9pm, Saturday June 27, 2-9pm and Sunday June 29, 1-4pm. The event happens in Hackney Wick, in the (rather large) yard of H.Forman & Son, Stour Road, Fish Island, London, E3 2NT.

I expect around twenty or thirty parts of the #365ArtDrops will be found both at Den City and around the surrounding area throughout the weekend for people to take should they wish to.

Other artists involved in Den City include Paul Sakoilsky, Hannah Gardiner, Kate Farrow, David.C.West, Sean Worrall, Matthew Andrew, Susanna Sanroman, India Roper Evans, Charlie Fox, Anna Maloney, Martin Sexton, Rubbish Artist, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Tom Estes, Mia Culpa, William Angus Hughes, Rebecca Scott, Meiko Kikuta, MonikaTobel, Samuel Brzeski, Danny Pockets, Joanna McCormick, Julia Maddison, Andrew Stys, Cluster Bomb Collective, Gzillion Artist, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Jude Cowan Montague, Iris Garrelfs, Ansell Cizic and more

Latest #365ArtDrops…

#365ArtDrops Part 127

#365ArtDrops Part 127

Yesterday’s parts, number 127 and 128, were painted on a piece of found hardboard and a piece of black bookcase, one was left in the greenery of an East London park, the other hanging underneath a railway line by a busy East London road  Meanwhile it has been reposrted via social media, that part 112 and part 126 have been taken, photos of both were left on Facebook and Twitter….

#365ArtDrops Part 128

#365ArtDrops Part 128