A #43ArtDrop piece, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings for Folkestone…


#43ArtDrop, September 2017, Folkestone, Kent. A piece of work in 43 part.s.

A #43ArtDrop piece, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 smaller paintings, this time all painted on small pieces of wood picked up off the street (and if people throw away wood then leaves and layers with grow on that unwanted discarded wood). 43 paintings left hanging in and around the streets of Folkestone, the old town, the Triennial, the Fringe and Bob and Roberta Smith’s “Folkestone is an Art School” pieces. 43 paintings left to to be taken should people with to do so. A #43ArtDrop in Folkestone, September 2017. 43 pieces with hashtags on the back, the #43ArtDrop and the social media interaction is an important part of these pieces…

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Folkestone, the Art Car Boot Fair, the Triennial, the Fringe, Yoko, the goldrush and pieces left around….

folkestone_tri9Sunday Sunday, it has been an interesting week, not much time for sleeping… Yesterday was all about a day trip on the train with bags full of art and a visit to the Folkestone seaside where the Folkestone Triennial as well as the Folkestone Fringe are currently taking place. The Fringe yesterday included the third and final Art Car Boot Fair of the year (Brick Lane, East London and Liverpool being the first two parts of this year’s Art Car Boot Fair adventure). A mad early morning rush out of London, bags and rucksacks heavy with art, seaside treats in store, catch the train, get out of the city… Been looking forward to this one, the on-line tasters, the programme promises and advance videos from both the Triennial and the Fringe have had us anticipating and the Art Car Boot Fair is always a pleasure to be part of.

evh_folk8There’s an ITV news video here that gives you a flavour of the event that is the Art Car Boot Fair. People lined up along the harbour waiting to get in at midday, excitement in the air, artists frantically getting their boots ready (the event is sponsored by Vauxhall, they gave us the same blue car they gave us in Liverpool to use as a “boot”), personally I was lusting after one of the old ones, but hey, they gave us a fancy modern blue one (for the day)

Tracey Emin was the main headline of couse, well alongside Sir Peter Blake and Gavin Turk and such – “Her work is usually sold in galleries fetching thousands, if not millions, of pounds. But today Margate’s Tracey Emim was among many high-profile artists selling their work at a car boot sale as part of the Triennial in Folkestone. Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to artists Jim Moir, Gavin Turk, Julia Riddiough and organiser of the Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton”. .Tracey was there by the way, just not while the reporter and cameras were.

We were there as Cultivate, we this time being myself, Emma Harvey and Quiet British Accent as well as Folkestone painter Tim Skinner (well it would have been rude to take Cultivate to Folkestone without inviting a local painter to come get involved and Tim is one of our favourite painters)

folkestone_tri17A day of seaside treats then, not sure where the Triennial ends and the Fringe starts (and not sure if it matters), but we can report that Folkestone is a town alive with art and a town that looks, on first impression, to be a town regenerating itself in the right way There a buzz provided by the art, a buzz that’s there from the moment you get off the train and encounter the big Yoko One Earth Peace billboard. The goldrush is helping of course, people engaging and mostly having lots of fun digging on the beach (seems to be a lot of ska around the place as well), we liked Folkestone and out day of seaside treats.

folkestone_tri62This not a review, this is not a piece of critical artistic analysis of the opening weekend of events (that might just come along later), these are just some photos of my day, our day, by the seaside taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair and the Fringe, leaving art around the town (pleased to see people twittering about finding it) and enjoying being artists.

Some photos of the day then, photos from the Cultivate “boot” at the Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair, a flavour of the Fringe and the Triennial as well as more of my art drops around town – pieces painted on recycled cardboard found on the street and put back out on the street. Enjoy the photos, click on one to enlarge it or run the whole slideshow

Thanks for a great day Folkestone, we shall be back soon if you’ll have us, it was indeed a much needed seaside treat (Sean)


Photo credits – EH, QBA, SW

There’s more photos from the weekend, the art of other people at the Art Car Boot Fair and such over on the Organ pages.


No sleep ’till Folkestone… Art Car Boot Fair part three…

Painting on found things

Painting on found things

Part three of the 2014 ART CAR BOOT FAIR and what feels like the last bit of summer adventure takes us to FOLKSTONE as part of the FOLKSTONE TRIENNIAL or is it the FOLKESTONE FRINGE at the Triennial?  Fringe or centre parting, whatever it is we’re at the seaside on the opening day of Folkestone’s Triennial on Saturday August 30th (Midday until late afternoon, they say 4pm, but if there’s things to paint we’ll stick around).  The artist list for the Folkestone leg of this year’s excellent Art Car Boot Fair adventure has just been published on the official ACB website.

Liverpool was refreshing, getting out of East London now and again is good, painting in things no one wants and leaving them there is good for the soul or good for something like that.  Five days until Folkstone and the end of summer…..

The One Pieced Vinyl Piece (2014)

The One Pieced Vinyl Piece (2014)

Here’s the artist list in the order the Art Car Boot Fair put them in;  “Tracey Emin · Gavin Turk · Sir Peter Blake · Matt Collishaw · Vic Reeves & Michael Hogben · Chris Barnes · James Unsworth · Nina Saunders · Nina Fowler · Carolyn Gowdy · Jennifer and Christine Binnie · Wilma ‘Surfmama’ Johnson · David J Batchelor · Jake Clark · Scrawl Collective · Swifty · Cultivate Gallery: Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent · The Juncture · Camille Phoenix · Ian Dawson and the copy shop · Herrick Gallery featuring Disastronaut · Matt Rowe & Club Shepway · Diane Dever ·Deborah Crofts ·Sadie Hennessy ·Julia Riddiough ·Heidi Plant ·Nick Morley ·Kyp & Simon Hollington ·Sally Penfold as ‘Bayle Window’ ·Kate Knight · Hannah Muck and more to be announced!”

Things painted on and left at the Liverpool Art Car Boot Fair

Things painted on and left at the Liverpool Art Car Boot Fair

I expect to mostly be painting on things I find down there, putting each piece on sale at anything from £1 upwards, I expect anything that doesn’t sell will be put back on the beach or left in the car park or given away at the end of the event.  I expect I shall also have some already painted small canvas pieces, painted pieces of vinyl and such, I expect I shall spend the rest of the week productively creating things but then there is Cultivate to attend to and artists to gather together and events to cook up and it may just be time to declutter and free myself from time-eater that is Cultivate….

If you’re coming to Folkestone, you could always bring something for me to paint a leafheart on for you…..