Sometimes They have Thorns opens tomorrow…

Sometimes They Have Thorns @ Fount, April 2016

Sometimes They Have Thorns @ Fount, April 2016

Sometimes They have Thorns opens tomorrow, Tuesday April 12th, the show runs until Wednesday April 20th (11.00am until 6pm) with a late evening view on Thursday April 14th (6pm until 9pm and probably a bit later). The Facebook event page is here if you like to ‘like’ that kind of thing. The show happens under the railway arch at Fount, London Fields, Hackney, East London and will feature more of the recent Sometimes They Have Thorns pieces

The show will present a collection of the recent (ongoing) series of Sometimes They Have Thorns paintings that have been evolving during 2016. The series of paintings that started at the Reveal show and formed a big part of the #43 show that happened on the 43rd day of the year with that one day show on the street under a railway bridge and on sale at £43 each, the series that continued at the recent Debaser show over at BSMT Space and will continue once more with new work for this nine day solo show in the railway arch at Fount.

The gallery walls will be alive with thorny growth, leaves on canvas (although some see other things and talk of leafhearts and such), expect thorns, pruning of growth, gardening, painting on canvas, on found things and for the last time this year the canvas paintings will be on sale at no more than £43 each (these will once again also be smaller pieces painted on found recycled vinyl or pieces of reclaimed wood).

Sometimes They Have Thorns @ Fount, April 2016

Sometimes They Have Thorns @ Fount, April 2016


The show will evolve through the nine days with Sean working at the space (or outside the space) during the period.

And as is tradition now with my solo shows, there will be a guest wall of artists invited to take part and make use of one wall in the space (Cultivate is about getting art and artists out there, artists coming together and doing it ourselves) GUEST WALL ARTISTS LYNNE BLACKBURN, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, ROSSO and THIS ONE




Revealing, thorns, leaves, railway arches…..

On in to the New Year, art does not take a break, and nor does it want to. The Reveal show has now happened, a four-day group show to kick off the year,  I think we can feel satisfied with the first exhibition of 2016.  Reveal: An Art Show in a Railway Arch – a show curated by Emma Harvey and myself with the intention of revealing some of our new work for the year as well as throwing down some creative intent for another 365 days.. We revealed some new work of our own, in my case a large canvas piece called “Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats” (something I needed to get back to after last year’s dropping) as well as a number in a series of works called “Sometimes They Have Thorns”,

Sean Worrall Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (2016 - Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

Sean Worrall – “Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats” (2016 – Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

We invited a number of other artists to come join us to reveal new work (or new plans or new intentions) in the short sharp long-weekend of a group show.   It was about revealing, about cross-pollinating, and as with last year’s play show, so-called street artists were once again invited to hang work next to contemporary painters, textile artists next to performers. The artists invited this time were Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill, Caroline Reed, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Patrick Morrissey/Hans Hancock , Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Skeleton Cardboard and ThisOne. I think we can say it was a fine start to the year, further coverage of the entire Reveal show and the art of the other artists via the Cultivate page or via Organ magazine’s web pages

Sean Worrall Sometimes They Have Thorns (2016 - Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood) (sold)

Sean Worrall Sometimes They Have Thorns (2016 – Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood) (sold)

And it was a pleasure to meet some of the people who had been involved in finding, following and documenting last year’s #365ArtDrops, indeed recognizing faces from the photos they had posted in, great to have so many conversations about it and hear that so many of you were looking out for the pieces. Busy working on the documentation of it all at the moment….

Here’s a few shots from the Reveal show featuring my parts in the Reveal exhibition…  click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show…. 

And just when you thought that was that, these #365ArtDrops photos just landed…

#365Art Drop part 358 claimed

#365Art Drop part 358 claimed

And just when you thought I was going to shut up about what I was doing last year, these photos just in . A big thanks to Mr Nolions Inengland for all his support….

Reveal_jan2016dateAnd a  happy new year everyone, we shall be kicking off another hopefully exciting art year with a show at Fount, a railway arch right by London Fields, Hackney, East London, opens on Thursday evening January 7th. We just sorted out the beer sponsorship so throw those new year resolutions out the window and come help kick things off. We have an exciting line up of artists coming together for it..I’m kind of looking forward to a creative proactive maximalist don’t let the bastards grind you down 2016, bring it all on, time to Reveal

ARTISTS CONFIRMED for Reveal – Caroline Reed, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, Emma Harvey, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Sean Worrall, Skeleton Cardboard, ThisOne….

Shoreditch Street Art Tours: “One of the joys of exploring street art this year has been the occasional discovery of free art by Sean Worrall, part of a special ‪#‎365artdrops‬ project he ran throughout 2015 and completed on New Years Eve last night. Guests of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour found three pieces this morning” Read more on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour blog

All photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland