More leaf growth, new layers and the on-going year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece, 365 paintings on found recycled material…


#365ArtDrop18 – 62/365, a leaf left hanging in Hackney, East London. May 2018

More leaf growth, new layers and the on-going year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece, 365 paintings on found recycled material, material picked up off the street in 2018, 365 paintings on found piece of recycled material throughout the year, 365 painting left hanging on walls, in tunnels, by canals, on fences, left for people to take should they wish to.


#365ArtDrop18 – 72/365, a leaf left hanging by Columbia Road Market, East London,, May 2018

The weather is improving, the better weather means more drops, there’s been 73 so far, expect an explosion of paintings left hanging as the summer starts to kick in. The piece is all about engagement, the breaking down of those barriers that gallery doors (and attitudes) can so often throw up, that and of course questioning how wasteful we are, questioning why we don’t give a second thought to the things we just throw in skips to leave on the street or don’t ever dream of re-using or handing on to others…

Part 61 to 73 of the #365ArtDrop18 piece, click on an image to enlarge or ot run the slide show…


…a piece of wood picked up off the Hackney street,  and when a piece of wood has been thrown out then fresh layers will grow on that piece of wood…

A new piece that’s been evolving in the studio over the last few weeks, fresh layers, new growth, a painting on a piece of found wood, a piece of wood picked up off the Hackney street,  and when a piece of wood has been thrown out then fresh layers will grow on that piece of wood.


Sean Worrall – “Hackney” (April 2018) – Acrylic, gloss varnish on found recycled board picked up off the Hackney Street. 26cm x 57cm

Rather looks like Saturday might be a good day to be over in Hackney Wick and down by the water in the sunshine at Grow Hackney on Saturday for the DIY Art and Vinyl art market thing that’s happening in conjunction with Vinyl Pimp. I shall be bringing along some of the more recently hand painted vinyl pieces as well as some customised record sleeves that I’ve painted on that still has some perfectly good vinyl inside and just maybe a slice of vinyl or two that originally came wrapped in some of my artwork when it originally came out back there (haven’t done a record sleeve for anyone for ages, it was quite a buzz walking into a record shop and seeing one of your paintings in a record rack, never quite the same seeing your work on a CD cover,never ever got much of a buzz from doing that and seeing it is shop, loved painting album covers though, don’t think anyone ever worked out that if you got out all your Atom Seed Ones they joined up). Anyway, Saturday afternoon, we’ll be down by the water celebrating Record Store Day. The Facebook event page 



“If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, last week at Hackney WickEd…


An installation at the Inside Out show, Here East, Hackney Wicked 2017

One week on from the opening of that Here East show and everything that went with it over the weekend at Hackney Wicked last week. There’s plenty of conflicted thought, words, turmoil, fractured photos and long pieces in terms of the show and the whole weekend to be explored over on the Organ pages, the plight of Hackney Wick and the community there is something very emotive, The Organ is the place for more of what happened during the WickEd weekend, including a word or two from the opening night of Inside Out. This page is about the actual art – although the  art and the emotion of what is happening in Hackney Wick right now can’t really be divorced –  – the actual art and the notion of leaves and fresh layers growing on the things we throw out, the old unwanted frames, the pieces of wood, the beer bottles and pieces of astroturf, the books, the pieces of wood picked up from outside the building, and the canvas found in skips as studios are emptied and closed by the arrogant developers.

The installation at the Inside Out show (curated by Gavin Turk and Anna Maloney) was called “If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow”, it consisted of several recent paintings and leaves (tags if you wish) on found objects including a piece of red fabric from the Neo Naturists show at the ICA last year very diliberately places within the pice alongside several beer bottles drawn on as the opening night evolved and people threw them away – if you throw them away then leaves will grow     And there may have been a bit of leaf growth elsewhere around the Wick….

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Installation: A collection or selection of images of pieces installed, or installations in brutalist West End car parks, in skips, condemned buildings in Tooting…



MIND THE GAP – Broadway Studios, March 2015

Installation: A collection or selection of images of pieces installed, or installations in brutalist West End car parks, in skips, condemned buildings in Tooting Broadway, in galleries, in East London tailors shops, hang in trees in woods in Leytonstone, in warehouses in Liverpool or Hackney, on walls in Folkestone…. There’s a whole album of images gathered together here should you wish to explore

An Art Drop, a leaf left hanging…


An #ArtDrop, April 2017

An #ArtDrop, April 6th 2017. Fresh growth and new layers painted on an unwanted, recycled piece of hardwood, picked up off the street, painted on and then left hanging on a wall for someone to take should they wish to. One of the daily concluded paintings of 2017…

Thirteen pieces ongoing, exclamations, thorns, shelves, art drops, Hackney Wick….



There hasn’t been any exclaiming for a couple of years, but as someone pointed out a few days back, there’s rather a lot to exclaim about these days. The other seven of those thirteen recycled unwanted wooden shelves have now been grown on, leaves and such, and I expect they’ll all be out hanging on walls, #artdrop pieces, there for people to take should they wish to.

Fresh growth, fresh exclaiming (October 2016)

Fresh growth, fresh exclaiming (October 2016)

Three of the thirteen were hung on walls around Hackney Wick last Friday evening ahead of the Save Yourself show at Stour Space, there’s a whole load of words and images from that show over on the Organ pages – Save Yourselves, Olympic Legacy and a little more than just another East London art show… Organ is where the art scene and more is documented on very regular basis. last Friday’s show was an important one. ..ORGAN THING: Save Yourselves, Hackney Wick, the Lord Napier, Daxx & Roxane and the day Heavy Metal went to the dogs….  I imagine several more of the thirteen pieces of recycled shelf will be hung out on the street in the Autumn sunshine today


Carefully hanging and never dropping the 43ArtDrop piece around Hackney Wicked….

#43ArtDrop, Hackney Wick, July 2016

#43ArtDrop, Hackney Wick, July 2016

The 43 parts that made up the #43ArtDrop piece were (carefully) hung out on the streets around Hackney Wick, Fish Island and the canal yesterday. Carefully hung, never dropped, that would be careless.  A piece of art in 43 parts, all 43 painted on two recycled unwanted wooden pallets picked up off the East London street, painted, and then cut in to 43 parts and painted on some more.

The 43 pieces we’re all painted, a thorny piece of fresh growth on each one, a message on a sticker on the back, a hash tag and request for finders to post photos, a selfie with their find or a just a photo of the piece on their wall, post up those photos and use the hashtag, no so on the end, it is one piece called #43ArtDrop, post the images on social media for us to find.

#43ArtDrop, ready to go

#43ArtDrop, ready to go

So all 43 parts of the piece were hung out around Hackney Wick over the Saturday of the Hackney Wicked weekend, 43 parts of the piece all hung there for people to take should they wish to. Hopefully people would be respectful enough to only take one it, had thought about saying so on the back, but no, surely no need? (A little disappointing to see someone post a photo on instargram of ten of them all on her desk with a declaration that she was trying to find them all, I must confess that photo had be thinking about the notion of art and just giving it away for free and….)

the message on the back....

the message on the back….

43 pieces hung out and around the streets and especially on the landmark that is the old Lord Napier pub (love what Aida Wilde and her friends did with the place earlier in the week…).  43 pieces left out, #43ArtDrop hashtag on the back, let’s see where they go and if we ever hear about any of them again.  Let’s hope for photos and tales of where they have gone and who found them, where they are hanging and who said what, this is partly about engagement and interaction and art being for all, about getting involved and not just having it locked behind closed gallery doors or in collections.

Rather like leaving pieces of art for people to take, especially when it has been painted on something left on the street or in a skip, something that was heading for landfill. And especially when the pieces are left to be found somewhere as vitally important to a community as Hackney Wick is – a place loved and tended to by artists when virtually no one else seemed to care that much.  Treasure these places while you can, treasure your art spaces and the energy artists bring to dying places, treasure the creativity and don’t just push it and us all out  #savehackneywick

A big thanks to everyone who got involved in the #43ArtDrop and everyone who made Hackney Wicked happen again this year. The photos of people with their parts of the piece are starting to appear on line, we shall gather them up and collect them together…

#43ArtDrop, Hackney Wick, July 2016

#43ArtDrop, Hackney Wick, July 2016


Here’s an album documenting all 43 pieces as they were hung, some of them weren’t there for long, others hung around for a bit, some of them may still be there?

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