Bridges over the Thames, Chip shop walls, abandoned tube stations…



#365ArtDrop18 – 49/365, a leaf left hanging on The Strand, London,

Bridges over the Thames, Chip shop walls, abandoned tube stations, the year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece of work goes on, there been 53 of the 365 paintings left out for people to take now, there would have been quite a few more but the weather so far this year really hasn’t been favourable in terms of leaving art hanging on walls.  Last week pieces were left down by the Thames, indeed a piece left on a bridge over the Thames. pieces were left all over town…


#365ArtDrop18 – 53/365, a leaf left hanging by a bridge over the River Thames, London,

Pieces were left on The Strand, outside the old and now abandoned Aldwych tube station (or Strand station as it says on the front of the now bricked up building).  A piece left hanging on the wall of an East London chip shop was soon claimed by a little girl in red boots (almost as soon as I hung it, she got her dad to get it down for her). The interaction is a big part of the piece of work of course, the use of the hashtag and the hope that we hear about where this year’s pieces have got to is a very big part of the year-long piece, the photos of people with their pieces and such…..


#365ArtDrop18 – 46/365, a leaf left hanging in East London, and quickly claimed…

We know that of the 53 pieces left hanging in London so far, that pieces have been found and taken to Belgium, Portugal, Germany, as well as various parts of the United Kingdom.   Alas this time, people are telling us they’ve found them via private message or by leaving comments under photos we’ve posted on social media, or by sending in very bad photos of just the piece of work and with no real context, I thought this was the selfie generation? Come on, let’s see you with the piece,  or go hold by a sign for your town or at least your cat, where have those pieces gone? Tell us the stories…

Click on an images to enlarge or ot run the slide show of some of the recent pieces left…


More drops in the destruction of Norton Foldgate, in the Hackney lights, on a Chevy pickup truck….

#365ArtDrops part 328

#365ArtDrops part 328

The last month of the year-long piece that is the #365ArtDrops, two of the latest parts were deliberately taken to Norton Foldgate, and left on the walls in the heart of Spittlefields on the north east edge of old London, a place of liberty and freedom, a place for outsiders… Dan Cruickshank.tells you about this rather special place in this short film.  For further information go to Follow the campaign:


Part 327 of the #365ArtDrops piece (that has rather dominated my year) was painted on a found piece of wood and hung on a fence with the last of the bright leaves near Broadway Market, down by the Regent’s Canal, Hackney, E8 on December 4th, it was picked up the next day by a man called Thomas who posted a photo on Facebook of it hanging in his house 

The back of #365ArtDrops part 228

The back of #365ArtDrops part 228

Part 328 painted on a found piece of wood thrown in a skip back in January, looks like is was a unwanted homemade Christmas gift from last year, Painted on and now hanging by the soon to be destroyed Norton Folgate, Spitalfields, hanging there waiting to be taken should someone wish to. part 329 WAS painted on a found piece of wood from an old bit of furniture and left hanging on a street corner at Norton Folgate, Spitalfields, both on December 6th

Part 330 was painted on a found piece of backboard from a broken Ikea picture frame and hung om a wall just off Brick Lane, East London on December 6th, Part 331 was painted on recycled cardboard and left on the bumper of a Chevy pickup truck on Columbia Road, Columbia Flower Market, East London. Part 332, painted on found piece of wood, picked up off the street a few months back, a piece from a broken kitchen unit, left hanging on a gate on Rivington Street, East London. Part part 333 was painted on a found piece of wood, painted gold and left in a phone box with the Christmas lights of Hackney on Sunday evening, December 6th.

#365ArtDrops part 333

#365ArtDrops part 333

Part 334 was painted on a block of very tactile wood picked up from outside a woodwork studio in Hackney, painted on and left on a fence in the fading December light, down by the canal and the gas-holders, Hackney, East London. December 8th.

#365ArtDrops part 331

#365ArtDrops part 331

So Assemble won the Turner Prize  last night. This is surely a good thing. Now, more than ever, art needs to be about community, about engaging with the community; art needs to be part of it, right in there. It needs to be about buildings and people and open doors, about open signs and welcome signs. More on that over on the Cultivate blog

.The latest parts of the #365ArtDrops piece them – Leaf, leaves, trucks, lights, walls… click on a photo to enlarge or run the slide show…



Painted on a broken bit of old wooden furniture…

#‎365ArtDrops‬ part 213 was painted on a broken bit of old wooden furniture found in the street (a piece that rather looks like a padlock but isn’t) and hung on a door down by the Regent’s Canal, East London a couple of days ago…

Play, #365ArtDrops, more railway bridges, more left by the canal, more, more…

The corner of that warehouse from a couple of weeks back, a beautiful space to curate and show these four pieces in. The wooden piece “Emma Street” has now been sold, the Play show, I think we can say, went rather well…

play_sat4xplay_others1Meanwhile part 125 of the on going #365ArtDrops piece was painted on a found piece of wood and left hanging in the evening light down by the Regent’s Canal, Victoria Park, East London. Part 126 was painted on a found paper bag and left hanging underneath an East London railway bridge…..