Carefully dropped things found…

Left one of the #365ArtDrops hanging on some scaffolding outside a cafe on Fashion Street (just off Brick Lane) last Thursday evening, apparently the piece was found by some people taking part in one of the many street art tours that weave around the East End of London of a weekend, according to the tour people (Shoreditch Street Art Tours), the piece is now off to Australia. Meanwhile it seems these three people found these three pieces (that were left on various East London streets) sometime over the weekend.


People finding the pieces and using the hashtag is a big part of this on-going piece, especially people sending in photo of them with the piece and telling us where the pieces have ended up. All over the world so it seems – Australia, United States, Germany, Israel, Ireland and feedback suggests pieces of ended up all over the UK. We would love to see more photographs of people with their pieces, or pieces in situation on people’s walls, or news of where the pieces have gone. .255 pieces painted on unwanted thrown out things, 255 things that would have gone in to landfill, I expect some of them still have, looks like quite a few have made it on to walls around the world though. We’ve heard about pieces turning up in galleries, on restaurant walls, heard about one found hanging outside Clapham Junction railway station the other day, we didn’t leave it there. heard a well known film director had been seen with one under his arm…

People, found art drops, people with their pieces, smiles – click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show.

Pieces left on the street, in a bar, on walls, on corners, in tunnels….

The careful placing of the #365ArtDrops continues, the painting on things found on the street, things picked up, recycled, reused and put back out there, 255 parts of the year-long piece have gone out now,  the latest twenty parts painted on various bits of found wood, cardboard, on the wooden lid of a French cheese container. Part 240, painted on a found Louis Vutton bag was left outside a purple shop (yes, that one) on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, East London. On with the year-long piece of work on the first Thursday of October and pieces left on the street, in a bar, on walls, on corners, in tunnels….

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Things, chewing over other people’s art, have you got one of the drops?

#365ArtDrops Part 227

#365ArtDrops Part 227

You’ll find almost daily thoughts, words and bits of chewing over of things over there on the Organ pages. Organ these days is bits of chewing over other people’s art or music or painting or whatever is exciting us this week, bits of chewing over underculture and a thing of the day most days of the week. Today’s thing goes like this…ORGAN THING: The triumph behind artist Pablo Delgado’s yellow door, oldschool hardcore punks Oi Polloi take to the riverbank… That Pablo Delgado show is rather good, you really need to go see it, or experience it more than see it… .

The Organ started as a handmade, zine wrapped in a hand screen printed cover, back at the end of the 80’s, Organ has always been about covering good bits of art, music and more, these days Organ is little more than a back to basics blog but you will fine lots of news and links and more that should take you to the art out there…


#365ArtDrops part 226 found…

Meanwhile the careful placing of the #365ArtDrops goes on, a small piece painted on an offcut piece of wood and left hanging on a hook outside a bar in Brick Lane was found and claimed by these four people.  A piece left further along Brick lane, was found by Charmaine

“Hi Sean, Found your art while on a Street Art Tour with Dave.  Have got it hanging in my kitchen at the moment. What am I meant to do with it next? I would like to keep it but not sure that is the general idea. It’s number is 234/365. Kind regards Charmaine”
Thanks, big big thanks, but there is nothing more you are meant to do Charmaine, once I “drop” a piece then that piece is out of my hands, it belongs to the street until whoever wants to take it takes it. If you wish to hang the piece on your kitchen wall then brilliant! There are no rules, some of the pieces have turned up in galleries, we’ve heard about one or two being sold,  a piece left in East London turned up in a gallery in Margate earlier this month so we’re told, saw another hanging next to a Tracey Emin in an East London gallery the other day, I’m pretty certain some have just gone to landfill most seem to go somewhere,  . There are no rules and I’m not going to make a comment about the galleries, once a piece is left out it takes a journey and there are no rules. According to the East London arts newspaper East End Review, we’re putting book of it all together, and yes, it would be great if people were to use the hash tag and post photos like the excellent one above to Twitter or Facebook, or indeed e.mail them directly to us. Photos of people with the piece, or photos of the pieces hung on your wall, or just news of where the pieces have got to? 234 pieces have gone out now, we know of the fate of around fifty of them, anyone have any news of the others to to share? Get yourselves in the book….
#365ArtDrops Part 230

#365ArtDrops Part 230

More later…

On with the careful placing of the drops that are never actually dropped and always carefully placed…

On with the careful placing of the drops that are never actually dropped and always carefully placed. Part 225 to 234 went out on Friday evening and the East London sunshine of Saturday morning.  Last weekend of September and the 365 pieced year-long piece of work goes on. Pieces most on offcut pieces of wood fished out of a skip by a woodwork workshop by London Fields, Hackney, East London. Pieces placed on Brick Lane, around Shoreditch and….

Dogz, Starz, art drops, pieces left in Brick Lane turning up in Margate….

#365ArtDrops Part 217

#365ArtDrops Part 217

On with the carefully placing of the so called #365ArtDrops, never actually dropped of course, always carefully placed, stung and then hung.  Part 217 of the 365 pieced piece of work was hung on a nail on a street corner on Brick Lane a week or so ago, painted on a piece of offcut garden decking and hung in the East End of London, the piece appeared on Twitter, in the hands of this little girl, via an art gallery in Margate. No idea how it got from the East End to a gallery in Margate, and of course, once I “drop” a piece it is not for me to say what happens, several have turned up on gallery walls now. Great photo of the finder of the piece…

#365ArtDrop part 217, found...

#365ArtDrop part 217, found…

Nice piece on the website of the East London arts newspaper East End Review today – “Artist plans to leave 365 paintings on the streets during a year” reads the headline…

Public encouraged to spot, take home and tweet about paintings as part of guerilla art project” so reports

“For painter Sean Worrall, the streets are the biggest gallery space of them all”.

“Each artwork is hung on the street in a carefully chosen location and labelled with the hashtag #365ArtDrops. Those who take the paintings are encouraged to use social media to document the project as it evolves.

“People look up the hashtag and put photographs on Twitter of them, to tell me where they are or who they are, and where it’s got to. That’s really important because I want to document it all in the end,” says Worrall.  USA, Israel and Germany are among the final destinations of the paintings, even though each one has been dropped in London so far. The distinctive pieces, each one bearing Worrall’s leaf-heart tag, have been left all over London: outside shops, inside pubs, under railway bridges, on railings and on the top deck of buses.

East End Review

East End Review

The drops go on today, the 223rd piece is ready to go, as it part 224. Part 221 was left on the rails of Haggerston Park, we’ll catch up with the documenting later.

Last Sunday it was dogs, dogz, dogz and starz, last Sunday we were in East London’s Victoria park carrying on our summer collaboration with All Dogs Matter, wrote something about it on the Cultivate blog page….



“Well we had a great time at the Victoria Park dog show yesterday.  The invitation to take part was a follow up to our Cultivate collaborations (well mostly Emma Harvey’s collaborations) with All Dogs Matter for the dog-themed Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair earlier this year.  Yesterday we spent the day in the sunshine with a gazebo, a table full of art, a bag of dog biscuits, some spray cans, some recycled cardboard, and some recent canvas paintings.  Good to get out of the art bubble and engage, and as brilliant as things like going to Margate or Liverpool or Folkestone with the Art Car Boot Fair is in terms of engaging and getting out of the gallery, it is still the art bubble.  Yesterday was brilliant, yesterday was fun, yesterday was engaging with people in a different bubble, loads of good conversations, loads of good chat about how “oh art galleries aren’t for me, I don’t get all that stuff”, lots of dogs, lots of smiles and “what is that really about, I just don’t get it?”.  Not for one second do we think art should be “dumbed down”, and yes, we love a white cube as much as anyone, but surely art really should engage now and again? Surely art should take a moment once in a while to reach beyond the various art crowds? The car park takeovers and the Chinese Opens and such are fine, surely it does sometimes need to reach beyond the insular feeling you get in those spaces though .  We enjoyed yesterday, dog biscuit roulette is fun, dogs always liked coming in through our open Vyner street corner door, we loved taken it to the dogs yesterday, all dogs, and indeed all people, matter.”

Dog show pieces… click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow….


Cats, hop leaves and one slightly used flat screen computer monitor for sale….



Found a flat screen computer monitor in the street sometime ago, been kicking around here in the studio (with all the other found things waiting to be painted on), the monitor has been here for a couple of years picking up bits of leaf growth and such on it, a piece is never finished until someone takes it away. Dragged the monitor out and painted a fresh leaf on it this week, this one feels like it needs to be taken away now, or maybe plugged in and stood in a gallery on that 1960’s crate (eight shilling deposit so it says on the side, found the crate on the street as well).  I never consider a piece finished until it is taken away, if a piece stays around here then leaves and such will grow, new layers, ever evolving, never stopping, than monitor is finished (for now).



I was outside yesterday growing black and pink hop leaves on a found piece of marine plywood, I was working on another piece actually (there’s usually several pieces being painted on) when a passer by asked if that one was finished and could he buy it. It wasn’t finished at the time, he insisted it was we had quite a long friendly chat about it, as much as he wanted to, I wouldn’t let him take it, in my head it wasn’t finished. I know I keep saying a a piece is never finished but they do generally arrive in a state that I do consider finished, when a piece goes on a gallery wall (or out on the street) it is considered finished, but then if it does come back here to the studio new layers will eventually grow on it. Yesterday’s piece was simply work still in progress, it is finished now, Hopstarz, several layers of black, blue, red and white starz painted over the last few weeks and now underneath those pink and black hop leaves painted yesterday (those starz were always going to be underneath a layer of leaves) . I imagine it will be “dropped” next week, or taken to the next show and hung on a gallery wall with other starz and leaves and….



That cat sent his/her owner out to buy some pieces at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, did I share that photo already, it does make me smile, nothing wrong with art smiling now and again and there really isn’t enough cats on the internet (next week we’re at the All Dogs Matter show in Victoria Park, East London by the way).

Now who wants one slightly used Computer monitor, one careless owner, taken as seen, might not be in fully working order, no refunds?  Everything is a canvas (well besides a cat, a cat is never a canvas). More about the dog show and such in a bit, leaves to paint, hops to grow, old beer bottle crates to recycle, Starz records to play, drops to carefully “drop”.

More recent pieces…..