Mind The Gap, a room in a one day show, the end of an art space, an event called Pop Up, F**k Off…

Mind The Gap, a one day show at Broadway Studios, Tooting Broadway, London SW17, March 28th 2015. A one day show in a complex of soon to be pulled down art studios over in South London. The studio is closing, the developers are moving in, this was a final act of (defiant) art in a beautiful space. Twenty rooms over two floors, artists from all over London invited to take part. I took two recent canvas paintings and a bag of paint with the intention of using and painting on whatever I found in the wreckage and rubble of what was already turning in to a building site; more layers, more growth on things destroyed or unwanted. I found a room with a beautiful red floor, the previous occupant had already painted Mind The Gap, I found an old door in the yard, some big boards that the weather had already been working on, alive mould, some bits of wood, a cooking oil can. The pieces were all painted at the site before the event opened… I left everything (besides the canvas) on site, when I left people were taking pieces, I guess the rest will be taken away with the rubble… Getting tougher to find places to make and show art in London, the gap between those who can afford to live here and those who can’t is getting bigger, mind the gap. .

Musical boxes, fractured silk screens, the walls come down and this weekend on Broadway…

"Musical Box Part 1"  Acrylic, spray paint, screen print on recycled linen canvas , 55cm x 40cm (March 2015)

“Musical Box Part 1″ Acrylic, spray paint, screen print on recycled linen canvas , 55cm x 40cm (March 2015)

Been scream printing, whoops, that’s a interesting typo, no scream printing here. Been screen rather a lot with an old fractured worn out silk screen from the last century. An old silk screen that I never quite got around to cleaning off. The screen has spent most of this century left in gardens, stuffed in cupboards, it was pressed it back in to service late last year, love those fracture leaf lines I’m getting out of it now, lines from a drawing I made back in the day.

There goes the neighbourhood then, took a detour past the old Cultivate space last night, the board went up and the walls started coming down this week, nothing lasts forever, especially when there’s property developers wanting to tear the heart out of the city and make themselves a soulless pound or two. It was good while it lasted, we just about got away with cultivating down Vnyer Street for a year or two, hopefully the few galleries and spaces left down the once beautiful street can ride out the storm and survive in some way. We mostly had a great time at Cultivate, Vyner Street​. Treasure those art spaces while you still have them, fight for them, our culture, our art space, our music venues, our homes are being torn apart.

R.I.P Cultivate, Vyner Street

R.I.P Cultivate, Vyner Street

Tomorrow I shall be over at Broadway Studios to take part in a one day show called  POP up F**K off – Saturday 28th March, 3pm until late…. Broadway Studios, Tooting Broadway, London, SW17…. 19 rooms and a courtyard…. a beautiful old complex of buildings that in recent years has been used as art studios and, like most of the creative space of London, the studios are about to be pulled down, destroyed and replaced by more gentrification and another block of expensive flats for Russian investors who never come here to rent back to those of us who can afford to let them exploit those who do want ot live in this city of ours, .

popup_foffThe Broadway studios show starts at 3pm, there’s artists from all over the city showing work, performing, saying goodbye to the space, apparently it all comes down next week, the art is up from 3pm until 9pm, then there’s bands and such. Come mark the end of another creative space….  A sad occasion but there should be a lot of art and an event to see the studios off in style..

Several parts of the ongoing #‎365ArtDrops piece went out last night around East London, 65 out there now, just 300 to go. Did anyone take last night’s pieces? We saw, from the top deck of the 48 bus, that one of the pieces left out last weekend was still hanging on the railings where we left it. The drops go on today in the East and tomorrow over in SW19 where that all day show takes place at Broadway Studios. I am enjoying the interaction that comes with leaving the parts of the 365 pieced piece of work out on the streets, the interaction is an important part of it. So what did happen ot the pieces left out last night? Anything? We’d love to know….

#365ArtDrops Part 61, finders keepers…

#365ArtDrops Part 61, finders keepers...

#365ArtDrops Part 61, finders keepers…

It is an important aspect of this year-long piece of work (in 365 parts) to see what happens to a painting once I leave it out there. So I was rather pleased to see this photo of the piece left out, under a bridge on a wall in Camden, yesterday morning turn up on Twitter today. Don’t know who the little guy is, seems he was on a street art walking tour over the weekend. The photo was posted by the London Culture Blog people today. Rather enjoying gathering up these photos of people with their finds…   Painted this one on Friday, on a piece of wood thrown out of a woodwork studio in East London, hung it out on a wall in Camden on Saturday morning, and this photo came in on Sunday afternoon.. Each piece has the hashtag on the back so people can find out more and indeed communicate if they wish.

#365ArtDrops Part 61 - Camden, March 21st

#365ArtDrops Part 61 – Camden, March 21st

#365ArtDrops part 59, 60, 61, 62, Camden, Hackney, Kentish Town…

Part 59, 60, 61 and 62 of the pieces that make up the #365ArtDrops were left on Camden, Hackney, Camden once more, and Kentish Town, three of them painted on pieces of hardwood picked up from the rubbish pile outside of an art studio on the Mare Street pavement, London E8, the fourth on a the backing board from a broken picture frame.  The two Camden pieces were left hanging on the now closed down shops of the market that is now scheduled to be destroyed. Yet more property development….

More growth, more drops, skateboard decks, paper shopping bags, bits of wood…

Loading up for more #365ArtDrops today and over the Spring Equinox weekend, where shall we “drop” them this time? Dozen or so pieces painted on found things going out for people to take away should they wish to. Each one numbered and with the hashtag on the back so people can tell us where the pieces go…

#365ArtDrops ready to go....

#365ArtDrops ready to go….

Yesterday was mostly about new blue growth an a big canvas that has been evolving over the last two year since it was dropped off outside the Art Depository show a couple of years ago. This big piece (140cm x 140cm) has been shown a couple of times in shows since I first painted on it, this week a new spurt of mostly blue leaves (others may see hearts, or indeed something other than leaves or the hearts some insist they see)


Work in progress


The #365ArtDrops go on….

The #365ArtDrops go on, part 56 was on an empty cheese box, parts 57 and 58 both on recycled pieces of cardboard, all three out on the East London streets.  Meanwhile, there’s a one day event called Pop Up, F**k Off happening over on London SW17, there’s an Organ preview over here.  Last day of Broadway Studio over in Tooting, 20 rooms full of art and a whole load of artists and more from all over London from 3pm until late on March 28th.

Part two is now on a wall in a house in Newcastle…

Where do they go? most of the time we don’t really know, Part 55 of the #365ArtDrops piece went out yesterday, hung on a wall in East London…

#365ArtDrops Part55

#365ArtDrops Part55

2_jan2nd_1Where do they go? Where they go is part of the piece, the photos of the people with their part of the #365ArtDrops piece. Part two was left propped against a painted shutter on Mare Street in East London on January 2nd. The painting didn’t stay there for long, gone within the hour, never to be heard of again, until yesterday morning that is. yesterday was Saturday March 14th, and it appears part two is now on a wall in a house in Newcastle.  55 pieces now gone out, we haven’t heard about many of the pieces, always good to hear about them, I imagine quite a few made it to landfill, we know two make it to Israel, one to Oxford, one to Oklahoma, a couple to South London. a couple of pieces are still here in East London, the piece left on the wall on Chinese New year is now in Nottinghill, West London

#365ArtDrops Part 2

#365ArtDrops Part 2

.  Yesterday’s piece (with bits of green in it), was left hanging on an East London wall next to a shop with a green watering can in the window. The places pieces are left are considered in terms of colour and  space.