Sticky Italian Red Shoe (2011)

VINYL @ CultivateVyner Street

To tie in with Record Store day and in celebration of all things vinyl record shaped, we shall be holding a long weekend of vinyl flavoured art and activity at Cultivate.  Opening on the evening of Thursday April 19th and running through the Friday and over weekend until Sunday April 22nd, including Saturday 21st Record Store Day.


We shall have decks in the gallery, playing classic 7” singles and such all day on Saturday, we’ll have bands and such in the street, zine and record stall and more.  We’re talking proper records, proper pop/rock music culture, we’re talking punk, Motown, Northern Soul, indie goodness, 70’s glam, 90’s D.I.Y, prog rock, we’re talking glorious gatefold covers, hand made picture sleeves, “if it ain’t stiff it ain’t worth a…”  Stax, Neat, Sub Pop, Vertigo, Charisma, Skin Graft…

We want our gallery walls full of vinyl that’s been painted on, customized, reborn – once dead vinyl now recycled and alive once more. We want album covers reworked and painted on, we want those screen printed gig posters you make, we want hand-made zines, original album artwork, we’re open to all record/music related creativity both old and new…

Mostly what we want is you artists painting on old bits of vinyl, on actual records and on classic record sleeves, turning them in to unique pieces of art.

Artists who want to get involved should get in touch, we invite you to submit a j.peg or two of your painted vinyl and such along with a website link, and if we like what we see then we’ll invite you to come and get involved. We’re open to all ideas, suggestions….

Want to be part of it? Contact for more details….