Today I have mostly been leaving things in old Christmas trees

Today I have mostly been leaving things in old Christmas trees

Pink, 2013

Pink, 2013


a_seanfree1JAN 10th 2014… One of today’s pieces of free art was left in an abandoned Christmas tree in East London, art is being left out there every day, there;s no time to document it all, none of it is of any value, just things left for whoever wants it

blankcan1JAN 9th 2014… Today’s blank canvas, well canvas to work on, was found on top of bin at the side of a wasteful East London charity shop, The 50cm x 80cm canvas has a rather bad painting on it at the moment, but the marks are interesting and it is demanding some new layers of growth…..  sitting there on the easel, waiting, demanding time and attention, demanding the time and attention that Cultivate, even in that evolved state, is sucking up;….

Arts for all – but only if you ask permission first

yes, I am going to repeat myself with this one, been on about all last year on the Organ pages and with the We Are All Skateboarders show at Cultivate last summer – why does art always have to be curated for us? Why does something as beautifully organic as this always exciting, ever evolving art space have to be destroyed in the same of art? Long Live Southbank, long live the spontaneous nature of art, has there been a more exciting art space or gallery in London in the last thirty years? It isn’t just the skateboarders who want to carry on enjoying this beautifully inspiring space, we all do. Watch the video….



London Southbank, you can't move history, July 22nd, 2013

London Southbank, you can’t move history, July 22nd, 2013

Today’s working music is over on the Organ pages, other people’s art is over on the Organ pages, no more of that Organgrinding here….