Further adventures and evolutions on cardboard and vinyl….

aaa_cultevolved_jan30feb12We shall be installing new work at Cultivate Evolved (Vyner Street, East London) tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 30th), including work from our next two guest artists BEN NAZ and QUIET BRITISH ACCENT. We will be open, you can and see what we’re hanging (or watch the performance), We’ll be open properly again on Thursday, 11.30am until 6pm and then open in the evening from 6pm until 9pm, Thursday Jan 31st (as will our neighbours at Wayward gallery with their F&&k Button thing).  I shall probably be inside (or outside if the weather is friendly) , painting on pieces of vinyl, old records, records sleeves and such, not sure if any of the other seven Evolved artists will be there on Thursday evening, buy work from us all will be on show (and on sale). My vinyl pieces at £5 each, if that’s a little expensive then there is a box full of £1 painted cardboard pieces in the gallery right now. Rather like the idea of art that everyone can afford and interact with…

A box full of cardboard
A box full of cardboard

Posted some thoughts in the evolution of Cultivate on the gallery blog yesterday, here comes the link now LATEST CULTIVATE BLOG: A month and a bit in, some thoughts on the evolution of Cultivate and things….

Been a month and a bit since we evolved it all, six or seven weeks actually, doesn’t time fly when you’re busy growing leaves (and not exclaiming! Been twenty seven days since I last exclaimed, resolutions are for keeping!). Growing leaves beats herding artists, It really was a case of evolve or close, we’d taken the original idea as far as our artists-doing-it-ourselves curiosity needed to take us, we discovered a lot about interactions, art and the way people like to explore galleries and the art they find on the walls, we discovered lots about how galleries work. We mostly had a great time, a positive set of experiences (we made friends with lots of dogs, dogs like to visit art galleries). Two and a bit years was enough in terms of the constant dealing with dozens of needy artists, and yes we did toy with just closing the space and clearing out the street for good (I’m a paint-throwing artist, I have no desire to be a gallerist or some sort of big fat commission charging art dealer…. continued here