A matter of “Getting to the heart of the matter” and the subterranean Esprit de Corps

A “Getting to the heart of the matter” quote of mine picked out and reposted on social media by Isolde Nash, “Subterranean Esprit de Corps: the relevance of what’s been happening underground in CavendishSq during


“art does like attention, we artists don’t put our art on walls to be ignored, and while this show is a continuation of something that has been going on all year in London, as far as the mainstream art world goes, it really doesn’t exist. And that, as an artist involved in it all, is the exciting thing right now – this whole other London art world that is coming together – artists are coming together, the “esprit de corps “ as Martin Sexton puts it – artists are curating, making things happen rather than just waiting around. It isn’t like the YBA thing of the 90’s, that was exciting at the time, it hinted at the possibilities but that was way back then, a million miles away, another time, another world, and that was very much part of the establishment from the off, that door has long since been shut and the desire to open it again on the part of the artists has long since faded – the let’s-get-on-with-doing-it-ourselves option is far more inviting and rewarding right now, the alternative channels of communication that enable these comings together, on-line networks and communities empowering the word-of-mouth gatherings, and yes people like Geoffrey Leong in this case enabling the curators like Vanya Balogh, Alice Herrick and Cedric Christie to make events like this happen again and again all over the city.”. 

The full piece is over on the Organ pages (I threw my writing hat away sometime ago, but there’s so much going on that’s not really being covered at the moment)

We Could not Agree goes on until Sunday 19th October at QPark car Park, Cavendish Square, London W1. Open midday until 8pm

There’s an Organ interview with Vanya Balogh here and there’s a film, made by Marina, here at Organ, photographed and animated on opening night.  There’s 164 photos from the opening night here and some more from a second visit here.