Part 36 off to Oxford, part 37 off to Tel Aviv, I do rather see this #365ArtsDrops piece as one piece of work that exists in 365 parts

#365ArtDrops Part37 (photo: NoLionsInLondon)
#365ArtDrops Part37 (photo: NoLionsInLondon)

I do rather see this #365ArtsDrops piece as one piece of work that exists in 365 parts, and like the previous Hundred Pieced pieces, it is very much about people being involved and part of it. I see the photos that people are sending in as part of the piece of artwork that should, all being well, take a year to complete. .

It’s just magical when you trip into such a big project as this. It gives you the feeling of belonging to the bigger picture….! Nice one” said George. George dropped us a message saying to let us know Part 32 of the #365ArtDrops piece of work had been found where I left in the Owl and Pussycat, Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, East London, last night.

“Hey Sean, Was lucky enough to find one of your drops in a pub toilet in Shoreditch last night. Can’t remember the name of the pub as I was pretty toasted from the Ron English show. I didn’t think my night could of got any better and then BANG….! There it was right in front of me. Thank you so much man. Any idea what the pub was called….?”

365firstthursfeb29And this just in via Shoreditch Street Art Tours, and a man who seems to be known as No Lions In London – another of last night’s pieces found today and off to Tel Aviv (and we do believe a piece went off to Alabama last week as well) And damn, I messed up the numbering on the back of that one, should say 37/365 and not 37/100, must have had my Hundred Pieced piece head on while numbering it

Part 36 was found by Ivan – “”Evening, come all the way from Oxford to the Snik show and found your lovely free art hanging on a random wall! So it has found a new safe home. Thanks very much” and part 39 was found by Terry, he posted photos and this short message on Facebook –  “Found on Brick lane between Snik and Borando cheers Sean, it will go to a good home”.  We were indeed walking between the Snik and Borando opening, via several other shows last night, the Gonzolo Borando show at the Londonewcastle space on Redchurch Street is a must see, more on that here on the Organ pages (as well as the rather fine Snik and Meggs shows at Stolen Space).

39 pieces have gone out so far, some are still out there, some have gone and we know not where and some have been picked up by people who are feeding back, rather enjoying the response so far.