Drops in the leaves of Hackney, the Concrete of the Barbican, by Psychic TV’s frontdoor….

#365ArtDrops  Part 285
#365ArtDrops Part 285

The year-long piece of work that is the #365ArtDrops piece goes on (that hashtag is important), last week it was the brutalism and concrete of the Barbican Centre, the Undercroft below the Southbank by the Thames, a bus stop by Waterloo bridge, South London, a wall of red leaves on Sheep Lane, Hackney, the door of the house where Psychic TV once lived, a blue door on Mare Street, a yellow one on the Cambridge Heath Road. Pieces painted on wood retrieved from skip, in frames picked out of the bin at the back of the local charity shop, on things people threw out.  The art drops (never dropped, always carefully placed) goes on, 297 pieces out there as October comes to an end…

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