One more #43Leaves piece, one last piece, this one for Deptford X…

#43Leaves – 17/43 September 2019

Busy busy busy, whole slew of things coming up, art events, events more than conventional exhibitions, an outburst of art events in November and December and before all that, this week and especially this weekend at this year’s Deptford X


Deptford X properly Kicks off on Friday afternoon, expect a leaf or three as well as a collaboration or two as part of new #43Leaves piece, a piece called #43Leaves for Deptford X that will be part of this year’s Fringe – “Deptford X Fringe celebrates and promotes Deptford’s art scene. It is an opportunity for artists to show their work to a wider public and participate in an established event that has been running for over 20 years. It is a uniquely un-juried programme, meaning that if an artist submits an idea that fulfils the criteria then they are guaranteed a place in the Fringe. The Fringe is primarily aimed at artists who are active in our local borough of Lewisham and this year we are very proud to present over 90 fringe projects that will be running over the course of the next 10 days” now I’m guessing that you might now be thinking he’s not an artist from Lewisham or Deptford, indeed that side of the river is overseas as far as us East London artists are concerned, but hey, they did consider me to be an “active Deptford Artist” when they approached me and invited me to take part in the X last year, they came to a show I was part of at the time, a two artist show called Unframed? at Deptford’s No Format gallery. The show happened about a month before last year’s Deptford X and a representative came along and extended the invitation to take part in last year’s Fringe, I think we can say last year’s piece went rather well and so I was delighted to be invited to head over and do it all again this year. Last year the art drops on the streets of Deptford were as part of the year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece, this year I shall be taking another of the #43Leaves pieces to the Fringe. Another 43 paintings, 43 pieces of art on 43 piece of found unwanted picked up, cleaned up, recycled pieces of material found on the London Streets/ There’s been several #43leaves pieces now, this one will be slightly different, other artists have been invited to come get involved, expect collaborative pieces that involve people such as My Dog Sighs, Emma Harvey, M.O.B was threatening to get involved, Suzie Pindar and one or two more will hopefully contribute as the festival evolves through the ten days. There’s loads going on at this year’s Deptford X, is it bigger than ever? More details via the official website, do scroll down the Fringe menu, lots and lots happening


43 pieces of art then, #43Leaves For Deptford X – 43 paintings to be hung on the streets of Deptford over the ten days of the festival, who knows where? Who knows when? I imagine if the weather is kind then we’ll start on day one The only thing I ask is that you respect the piece and don’t go taking more than one or two each, if you take one and then see another you prefer then please take the second one and put the first one you took in the place the second one was hanging. The #43Leaves hashtag is there for you to use, if you feel like posting photographs of you with the piece you have chosen to take along with the hashtag then brilliant, or if you like just tell us where the piece is heading,

There’s been five or six #43leaves pieces now, I’m losing count, they’ve happened in places like Folkestone at part of the Triennial Fringe, in Leytonstone as part of the Art Trail, at the Byline Festival out in Sussex last year, a piece in East London this year that took in the last days of the Nomadic Garden, I have a suspicion this might be the very last #43leaves pieces, at least in England, I really should do one back in North Wales before the whole this is finally put to bed,

And so Deptford X starts this Friday October 25th, the #43Leaves piece will start on that day or maybe over the weekend, watch your social media feeds, watch Vero and Instagram – personally I much prefer Vero, none of that algorithm nonsense that stops you seeing most of what you want to follow like they do on the annoying thing that is Instagram – and then before the X is all done and dusted for 2019 there’s another Harvey and Worrall show opening on November 2nd as part of the latest month-long Cultivate, and then before that there’s the Can I get A Slice benefit show at Atom Gallery that opens on the evening of Friday November 1st and then the Nothing is Square group show at Shipton Street Gallery that opens on November 7th and then we;re curating a Yulia Robinson solo show at the same gallery as the third part of the Columbia Road Takeover and then there’s a thing called Prêt- à – Accrocher, an Art Car Boot Fair Christmas event that happens on Sunday December 1st at the Workshop over in Vauxhall, South London and then we’re back to Deptford again for the SFSA Painting Open 2019 at the aforementioned No Format Gallery which has now moved from the railway arch it was in to a new space in Deptford in Moulding lane (off Arklow Road), that show opens on December 6th, more about all those things in the coming days, today I just wanted to remind you about Deptford X and leaves left hanging on the street

#43Leaves – 9/43 September 2019

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