ReCultivate, a carefully cultivated group show opened last night..

I did spend the end of the year painting, The daily conclusion of a Ten painting and such, I spent a big chunk of the Christmas and New Year eorking on bigger pieces and an even biger chuck pulling together and preparing ReCultivate. The show went live last night, it has already been viewed over 10,000 times, the show has been open for just sixteen hours.

Coming up for 2021 – looks like it will still need to be on line at least until Spring, art can’t stop though. We shall enter the tenth year of Cultivate with an on line group show.

ReCULTIVATE – A carefully cultivated on-line group show. Opening night, January 5th 2021. Oncew again with my curator’s hat on, I shall be working with fellow Cultivate founder Emma Harvey to put together this on-line group show. Once again the show will be hosted on line via the Organ magazine website. The intention is to make Cultivate’s tenth year a significant one.

ReCultivate is now open and read to be viewed here I hope people well go and take a look, hours and hours, indeed days and days of work went it to putting it all together.

As much as we’re desperate to get back to proper physical shows and hanging paintings on real walls and opening nights and meeting people (and yes, selling art) we simply can’t until the Covid situation is under some kind of realistic control. On-line shows may not be a substitute but they are something we do take seriously and we do see a possitive value in. There is a pleasure in sorting throght the submissions and searching for artists who probably wouldn’t ever get to show at our mostly London-based physical exhibitions.

I am a somewhat reluctant curator, ReCultivate is the 160th show we’ve put on under the Cultivate banner now though, twelve of them have been on-line the rest have been phtsical, there are no plans to stop..

Self will open in late February – Tuesday 23rd February – we’ve just started working on Self, Self will be a strictly by invitation group show, no open call with that one. We’re drawing up the list of artists we want to invite to join us right now. Self a carefully curated show of self portraits, watch this space, we’re rather excited about it, the idea of a group show of self portraits from artists who you’d maybe think were not that comfortable with the idea along with some who maybe are. Watch this space.