The first #43Leaves piece of the year goes on….

The January 2022 #43Leaves piece goes on, 20 pieces have gone out now, another six or seven are in my bag. As I said a couple of days ago, these pieces are as much about the people who chose to take them and the places they are hung as they are about the paintings themselves – about the photos other people post on their own social media, about where the pieces go, the hashtag is part of it. And in answer to a rather irrate question, no, I don’t knock my own nails in, the pieces are only ever hung on screws or nails that are already there waiting, no damage was done, nothing was harmed and these pieces are really not meant to stay there for too long, most of the time they go within hours, and yes, I am very picky in terms of where I choose to hang them, I did say all this a couple off days ago, I just wanted to post images of the most recent drops, it goes on, yesterday it was Up The Bracket Alley….