Never Mind the anything else….

The Electric Painting series goes on (as does the Skyline series and the Ten Series and I do like a series), the 23rd Electric painting emerged in a tantrum of glorious noise yesterday afternoon, an interpretation of that classic Sex Pistols album cover painted, as all the paintings in this series are, during the time it takes to play the album in question just once. Never Mind The Bollocks really did need to be part of this Electric series, it is one of the most electric albums of all time, it sounds as fresh and exciting now as it did the first time I ever heard it.

The recent paintings made as part of the Electric series are now being held back for an exhibition, there are however limited edition print versions of both the Pistols and Primal Scream interpretations available via the Cultivate on-line shop.  The series goes on, now what will number 24 be?