The October 2022 limited edition print release, Never Say Die…

The October 2022 limited edition print release – The plan for 2022, following on from the rather successful print releases of Autumn last year, is for a limited edition print release once a month throughout 2022. Sometimes something new, sometimes something from the past. The October print has just been selected The October print is available via the Cultivate on-line shop here

SO FAR IS 2022 – January‘s release is a print of 2021’s “A Pear in The Hand” painting that was hanging at Storiel Gallery, Bangor, North Wales at the start of the year. February’s release was a print of a painting from 2011 called “Another Daffodil”, the March release, a print of a new painting concluded in the same month, “Couldn’t Possibly…” and the April print was a painting from 2021 called “With That In Mind” , May was about the prints of the first 13 Electric paintings and June is about the piece painted live at Upfest this year, July and August was about prints of two more of the Electric album cover paintings September was a painting people had bee nasking about rather a lot and here we are in October and a but of “due to popular demand” release this month. All the 2022 print releases can be viewed here

The October 2022 print release is a print of another of the on-going Electric Painting series that started earlier in the year. A series of paintings painted during just one very loud play of a very electric album, fast interpretations. The 24th interpretation in the series is a painting called “Never Say Die – Electric Painting No. 24” (August 2022), a print version of the Black Sabbath album Never Say Die, a rather under appreciated album in Black Sabbath terms 

Once again a limited edition 20cm x 20cm print version. Once again the print release is a limited signed/numbered edition of 25. a matt finish Giclée print on 290gms Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo paper.  The print is available via the Cultivate on-line shop here