The 2017 Art Car Boot Fair came and went in a rush of big crowds and art and engagement and

The 2017 Art Car Boot Fair came and went in a rush of big crowds and art and engagement and more. Here’s how the Art Car Boot Fair looked from our boot-shaped stall…. “Well that was great fun! What an excellent day, It was never going to be quite the same south of the river, of course it wasn’t, and a lot of the debate at the end of it all revolved around comparing the day with the great days of previous fairs and the buzz of Brick Lane. To compare really is the wrong thing to do though, of course it was never going to be the quite the same and in a month where East London has been rather alive with art and the buzz of the very recently East London Art Night amongst other East London things of a more artist-led nature, it seemed a little strange to be loaded up with art and heading for South London early on a Sunday morning….   read on via the Organ pages

a whole load of photos of slice of the fair…



The ongoing notion of a smaller painting concluded on every day of the year in 2017…


157/365 – Fresh Leaf Growth, June 6th Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017. On day 157, a 157th piece, acrylic, marker pen, brushwork, spray paint, varnish on the cover of a found hardback book…

The ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every day of the year in 2017. I imagine the pieces that haven’t already been sold or left hanging as #43ArtDrop pieces, will be on sale at very reasonable prices at this Sunday’s Art Car Boot fair over in Vauthall, London, E11.


The 2017 One Hundred Pieced Piece for this year’s Art Car Boot Fair….


The 2017 One Hundred Pieced Piece

It has now become quite a tradition to produce a One Hundred Pieced Piece for the London leg of the Art Car Boot Fair.  A piece of work in one hundred parts, one hundred rather fast pop art flavoured paintings painted on recycled cardboard, each part of the piece for sale at just £1, and that is a very important part of the piece, the notion of art for everyone, that an original piece of art can be bought by anyone at the fair (I did get haggled down to 50p last year by one young lad who claimed he only had £1 left) and that material thrown away and heading for landfill should be re-used. And really if people are just going to throw things away without too much thought then leaves will grow on those thrown away things.

The Art Car Boot Fair happens this Sunday, this year in Vauxhall and not in Brick Lane, (don’t be going to Brick Lane).



The 2017 Art Car Boot Fair is almost upon us, and as I’ve said on these pages before, always one of the highlights of our art year, Sunday 9th July is the date, Whitgift Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11 is the place so don’t be making for Brick Lane this year, Vauxhall is the place (which is good news for regular event sponsors Vauxhall cars)

And as a participating artist it is always an exciting pleasure to be invited to take part in the Art Car Boot Fair. This is the day when art lets down his or her hair (still wonder if art is a he or a she?), always one of the highlights of the London art Calendar, and this year things are to be a little bit re-booted. The theme is “Originals” and there’s an exciting new venue down by the Newport Street gallery in Vauxhall.   This year sees a return to the event being more about the actual artists than galleries and the rule is that all the artists will be there in their car boots there to talk to and should you wish to, buy art from them, then please do….


The 2017 One Hundred Pieced Piece

Karen Ashton, Founder of the Art Car Boot Fair says, “As well as bringing an original line-up to our new location in Vauxhall, we’ll also be drawing on all the talents our exciting new locale has to offer.”

“We’re right at the centre of Vauxhall’s burgeoning creative quarter with a fantastic array of galleries, pop-ups, and established gems like the Vauxhall City Farm, MI6, Beaconsfield Gallery and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern – so expect guys and spies, plus the odd Llama and lots of cool art in the mix this year! We’re also hoping for a guest appearance and contribution from the owner of the Newport Street Gallery. A special thanks to our new hosts U+I and The Workshop.”


2016 100 PIECED PIECE….

The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair takes place on Sunday 9th July at the Workshop, by Newport Street Gallery, Whitgift Street, London SE11 between 12-6pm. Entry is priced at £5.

The full list of artists as announced by the Art Car Boot Fair reads as followS: Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Mat Collishaw, Geraldine Swayne, Bob & Roberta Smith, Polly Morgan, Rachel Howard, Pam Hogg, Marcus Harvey, Vic Reeves, Kristjana S Williams, Tracey Neuls, Keith Coventry, Ian Dawson, Jane Simpson. Charming Baker, Jessica Voorsanger, Ben Eine, Camille Phoenix, ARTourist with Alice Herrick, Rachel Megawhat and Jeffrey Louis Reed, Nina Fowler, Paul Kindersley, Robert Rubbish, Keeler Tornero, Sophy Rickett, Jason Gibilaro, Misha, Richard Clegg, Barry Reigate, Jake Clarke, Carrie Reichardt, Schoony, Pure Evil, Holly Allan, Christian Furr, Original Sinners with Marie–Teresa Gavazzi, India Roper-Evans and Julia Maddison, Paul Sakoilsky, Trolley, Wilma Johnson, The Binnie Sisters, Renaissance Selfies, Bumble & Earwig, X Ray Fog, Kate Knight, James Joyce, James Unsworth, Amelia Troubridge, Carla Borel, Mr Bingo, Tony Beaver, Laura New, Colin Self, Christopher Baxter, Keeler Tornero, Joseph Gibson, Helen Pritchard, Edy Ferguson, Oliver Guy Watkins, Ivan Black, Darren Coffield, Jessica Albarn, David J Batchelor, Dylan Thomas Book Bus, Wildcat Will, Sophy Rickett, Bip Ling, Stephanie Carlton-Smith, Jessica Wilson, Silvia Ziranek, Cullinan & Richards, Cliff Pearcey, David Fenwick, Marty Thornton, Mark Jones, Kelly-Ann Davitt, Paul Hodgson, Dion Kitson, Meanmail, MLBennetDesign, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, Charlie Evaristo Boyce.

Special single artists presentations from Artlyst, Art on a Postcard with Harland Miller, True Rocks with Bip Ling, House of Fairytales with Ian Dawson, The Idler, Cob Gallery, Moniker with Ben Eine, Insititute of Imagination, Turps Banana & Alumni . Other Criteria & Newport Street Gallery with Helen Beard & Harland Miller . Beaconsfield with Seb Patane. Worton Hall Studios with Bruce McLean .Newport Street Gallery . Alteria Arts with John Isaacs & Jake & Dinos Chapman . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker. Resort . Flying Leaps with Inkflood’s Robert Clarke and the inimitable Dr D. Outside World. Cultivate with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey and Quiet British Accent . The Amorist . KIN ART with RYCA & Swifty . Smithson Gallery. L-13 with Billy Childish and MANGeL PrESS.  PLUS Black Cow Vodka Bar . Counter . Bean About Town . Vout-O-Reenees Bar . Vintage Vauxhall Market with Mark Hill, Retrouvius, The Brocant Boys and many more besides….

The latest #43ArtDrop piece, where did they go? Art is about engagement…


The latest #43ArtDrop piece burst out all over Leytonstone, London E11, as part of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trial, It happened over the weekend, or at least started, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings, 43 pieces painted on found material picked up off the street and recycled or upcycled or however you wish to describe the process of grabbing the things we waste, saving them from landfill and letting leaves grow on them before they are put back on the streets.

43 paintings hung on the streets, art left there for people to take should they wish to. 43 pieces hung, the first of them “dropped” in the sunshine of the opening day of the Leytonstone Arts Trail and then a trail left around the trail, a trail of art drops (never dropped, always carefully placed, a considered hang) around East London and beyond.


Twenty two of the pieces went out over the weekend, the rest will go out on the streets during the week ahead of next Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair.  Always a highlight of the London art year, I love taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair,  always an honour to be invited, always an exciting line up of artists, more about that later, today is catching up with the progress  of the latest #43ArtDrop and posting some of the photos. And of course a big part of the #43ArtDrop pieces is the interaction and the use of the hashtag and people posting photos on their social media feeds.  Did you find one? Art is about engagement.

Please click on an image o the drops pieces or to enlarge or to run the fracture slide show….


On with the notion of a daily conclusion of a painting, “Growth on a Mighty Maytones Record”

On with the notion of a daily conclusion of a painting.  57/365 – “Growth on a Mighty Maytones Record”. Fresh leaf growth and the notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on an unwanted recycled 12″ vinyl Record – Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, glitter paint, varnish  The 57th painting of 2017


57/365 – “Growth on a Mighty Maytones Record”

Meanwhile this rather pleasing  photo just turned up on my social media feed, I’m guessing it was somewhere around the Art Car Boot Fair last year (or maybe the year before), two of the hundred £1 pieces that have almost become an Art Cat Boot Fair tradition now (photo by Martin Westhorp)


The 58th and 59th painting were completed yesterday and the day before, the 58th saw fresh layers and leaves on another evolving unwanted 12″ piece of vinyl, the 59th on a found unwanted fashion bag, an Eileen Fisher bag rescued from a Hackney skip.



This weekend it was off to the seaside….

Busy times, maximalist, I like it like that, don’t get the idea of a holiday or the concept of time off, art makes me feel alive, making art, sharing art, showing art, engaging. Last week is was On The Brink in the woods out in Leytonstone, that and the industrial reality of Clare Street and that Displacement show here in East London, this weekend it was off to the seaside and Hastings and the pleasure that is the Art Car Boot Fair, seaside treats indeed…..



There’s a review, lots of photos and flavours over on the Organ pages, I’ll repeat the words here,  if you want the photos of the day, the other artists and the rest then please do head over to the Organ pages, the Organ words are re-posted here with photos of just my part in the day, do explore the rest though, it was a fine day….


Hastings then, off to the seaside for the second leg of this year’s always keenly anticipated Art Car Boot Fair adventure. The tradition now is to follow the main event down East London’s Brick Lane with an Art Car Boot Fair day trip, in past years the destination has been to take part in the Biennial at Liverpool, the sea front at Margate, the key Folkestone, the opening of Olympic Park in London, this year it we were off to the East Sussex coast and (hopefully) the sunshine of the Hastings seafront. Off on the first train out of Victoria, (encounter onrushing members of the MCC coming the other way, correct tie, stripes just right, must get that seat, straw hats and the third day of Lord’s test match). We’re off out of the city, off South East, off for a Sussex adventure, off to the seaside. Off on the train, escaping the city, rushing through green fields, galloping through the morning sunshine, the clouds are gone, warmth on our faces, we’re feeling hopeful, is summer finally here? Past the Longman of Wilmington, head past Easbourne and out along the coast, train full of people heading for the same destination as is, sea almost lashing as we head through St Leonards. Southern Rail running on time, off to the seaside and the sunshine with big (big) bags loaded full of art, off to meet the rest of the Cultivate team and the big cast of contributing artists. .



The Hastings leg of the Art Car Boot Fair is taking place on the seafront in a big car park right by Jerwood Gallery, in amoungst the fish and chip shops, the fun fair rides, the miniature railway, the beached fishing trawlers, the gloriously rusting tractors, splendid tall thin black wooden fishermen’s net workshops (unique to Hastings and apparently saved from the destructive onslaught of property developers that ended in a riot back in 1824. And of course in amoungst the the millions of bold seagulls (pretty clear who runs this town, you don’t mess with the gulls!).



We’ve documented the Art Car boot Fair and the pleasure of being a part of it before on these pages, Margate last year was a little bit more than an hot dog, Brick Lane this year was fun even if we did have to battle the wind and the rain. We really needed that sunshine yesterday, we really needed the summer to finally arrive, been a tough year so far. Hastings was glorious, the weather was glorious, the old fishing town welcomed us with open arms, the people lined-up to get in (and yes, rush for the big name grab first), heads got burnt, ice creams licked, smiles on faces. Bands played, The Band Of Holy Joy adding their own style to the dramatic Hastings backdrop, Martin Creed and his band adding their uniquely shambolic lo-fi whit in that positively charged artpunk way they do, Geraldine Swain, she curently of Faust with Yumi Hara and various kraut rock flavoured musicians . A day of art and colour and music and smiles and sunshine and sales, oh yes, it always nice to sell a piece or two, a lot of time and effort goes in to everyone’s art (and those train tickets aren’t cheap either).



New artists mixing with familiar faces, interaction mingling with pop art, prints with people, paint with performance. Wildcat Will all glittery and punk rock with hid Warhol soup in the boot next to us, Sir Peter Blake was a gent as usual, John Copper Clarke with a print featuring his Evidentally Chickentown lyrics, Emin International causing their usual fuss, was Tracey there? Not sure, as we said when we wrote about Brick Lane a few weeks ago, you don’t get to see everything when you’re an artist in your “boot” taking part. People come along and tell you what’s happening over there and have you seen this or that? You see someone passing with an exciting bit of art and wonder about who might have made it? Picking out names isn’t what the Art Car Boot Fair is about, connecting with new things, new art, fresh art and the pleasure of artists and public engaging with each other, the engagement is really where the pleasure of the Art Car Boot Fair lies. Art and smiles (and classic Vauxhall cars), we had a great time in Hastings, we had another great art adventure courtesy of the Art Car Boot Fair, what more do we need to say? Excellent day, seaside treats indeed, back home with bags not so big and heavy, back to the city of a train packed with very (very) loud London-bound danceheads high on even more excitement than we started our day with, excellent time, thank you Hastings, we had a wonderful time, we love being part of the Art Car Boot fair, art with an ice cream and a smile, thanks everyone, (SW) .

Thorns and things at the 2016 Art Car Boot Fair….

So the 2016 Art Car Boot Fair came and went, the rain fell, art won, we loved it. There’s a full review and a whole load of photos to be found via the Organ pages  And If these are to be the Last days of Shoreditch then the East is going down defiantly.  The  London art Calendar highlight that is the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair happened yesterday, the gods threw their worst at us in the form of torrential rain, gazebo-threatening wind and whatever else they had to hand, art won though, art most definitely won the day here in East London yesterday.. further reading


Me? I love taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair, I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning, I count down the days, I love meeting people from all over the world, I’m honoured by the interest, the questions, the people who want their photos taken with the artist (although, the art itself might be a little better looking), I love meeting new people (and old friends made at previous fairs), it really is a day when art gets to let down her hair (is art a she, or a he? A day when art get to let down that sometimes messy multi-coloured sometimes out of control sometimes perfectly sculpted transsexual hair).

We do love the concentration that goes in to buying a part of the One Hundred Pieced Piece

We do love the concentration that goes in to buying a part of the One Hundred Pieced Piece

I love painting the hundred parts of the (now annual) One Hundred Pieced Piece and seeing the enthusiasm as people young and old pick out their pieces with such concentrated delight, I love the engagement that that piece of work brings, it isn’t about me, it really is a about those kids taking their time and buying their first pieces of art (and in one case one smiling little girl, haggling on price, way to go girl, four for the price of three because she’s run out of pocket money, brilliant!). Some artists (and critics) might get all sour-faced and sniffy about it, some might think it beneath them but I love it to bits, I love the chance to engage like this, I love it to bits.

Here’s a shot or two of some of the pieces (lots more photos of the day and the other artists/art over on the Organ pages).  Click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show.