A 43 piece trail of art, another #43ArtDrop and the events of the coming weekend in Leytonstone…

This coming weekend, 43 of the daily paintings with be hung, not dropped, never dropped, care is always taken to hang the pieces properly in the right places. this coming weekend 43 paintings will be hung on the streets, walls and green areas of Leytonstone (London E11). The piece of work in 43 parts will he next #43ArtDrop and part of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail.  There an interview with me up on the Arts Trail website ahead of the event, the Arts Trail itself takes place between July 1st and July 9th, the #43ArtDrop itself will happen on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June.


The 43 paintings will be marked with #43ArtDrop hashtag, the hope is that people will take photos/selfies with the pieces they take and post them on their/our social media as part of the piece of work. Social media, interaction and people getting involved is very much a part of it all. The 43 paintings will be hung on the streets and walls of Leytonstone, hung outside the galleries that are hosting the trail,  maybe outside on the 50’s glory of the tube station, maybe out in the green areas, maybe outside a cafe or two, I expect some will be found and taken straight away, some might stay hidden in plain sight for months and month, some we’ll never know about.

The 43 pieces will all have been painted on materials picked up off the street, pieces of wood cleaned up and sanded down, unwanted canvas found outside galleries, – old canvas, found frames, this is about the way we throw things away with little thought or consideration and the way those things are then taken back, the leaves and fresh layers that grow on our waste. The latest #43ArtDrop can be followed via FacebookTwitterEllo, and on the day while it is happening via Instagram


I imagine some of the daily paintings seen on the shelves at the Cultivate Interact show last week will make up the body of 43 pieces to be “dropped” at the weekend (others from that shel, as well as new pieces being painted now, will be on sale at the Art Car Boot Fair the weekend afterwards) I do ask that you please don’t take more than two pieces each, feel free to swap pieces around if you take one and then see one you prefer further along the trail, but please please don’t be greedy and take them all, it did happen at one of the #43ArtDrop events last year and that really wasn’t in the spirit of these pieces of work that are hung to take for free


INTERACT, Cultivate at Coate Studio, June 2017

Fine out more about the 2017 Arts Trail and all the other shows and artists to be found as part in this year’s event here



The 4th #43ArtDrop will happen at the Leytonstone Arts Trail…

The 4th in the ongoing #43ArtDrop series of pieces will take place over the opening weekend of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail on Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July


#43 – A piece of work in 43 parts. 43 paintings hung out on the streets for people to take should they wish to so. 43 paintings painted on things found on the street – pieces of wood, discarded canvases – the things we no longer want. Unwanted things reused and put back as 43 pieces of art,

43 paintings hung out (never dropped, always carefully hung), 43 pieces hung out on walls of Leytonstone to be taken. Once again the paintings will be marked on the back with the #43ArtDrop hashtag so that the finders can interact and others can follow the progress of the piece via social media throughout the duration of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail. The hashtag and social media interaction has been an important part of these #43 pieces throughout 2016 and 2017 (as it was with 2015’s #365ArtDrops piece). Finders are encouraged to post photos of themselves with their found part of the piece on social media and to tell us where the 43 parts of the piece have ended up, the photos will be collected up and shared via Sean’ website as well as the Cultivate gallery website. .

The 43 pieces will be hung outside on the streets of Leytonstone the first piece will go out on around midday on Saturday July 1st and all 43 will be hung on walls outside galleries, pubs, in trees and who knows where during the opening weekend of the trail.

Sean Worrall is a London-based (and one time Leytonstone based) artist and curator. Sean’s current body of work explores the notion of new layers, the reclaiming of those things that are left to decay, the idea that our cities will eventually be covered and lost in new layers of growth. Lost in the short-term as we use the city walls as a (street) art canvas, then as nature paints her own leaf-shaped beauty over the top of it all and takes everything back Trillion Green, the Captain’s Table, fresh leaves and layers.…

Sean’s paintings explore the taking back of old walls, of unwanted materials, the growing over,, the freshness of new leaves, new marks, old surfaces, always growing, evolving. Newly weathered marks over old faded shapes, new layers, fresh leaves, sprayed paint, crumbling old stonework. New growth over old, new shoots, new paint over decayed colour, the marks of evolving art on tired city walls, new paint over old canvas. Layer over layer, the covering up, the taking back of unloved surfaces, refreshing. Spaces reclaimed both by human hand and nature’s growth, fresh growth, new layers.

An Art Drop, a leaf left hanging…


An #ArtDrop, April 2017

An #ArtDrop, April 6th 2017. Fresh growth and new layers painted on an unwanted, recycled piece of hardwood, picked up off the street, painted on and then left hanging on a wall for someone to take should they wish to. One of the daily concluded paintings of 2017…

Leaves left and that New Year resolution not to art drop finally broken. The first art drop since…


Art Drop, March 12th, 2017

Leaves left and that New Year resolution not to art drop finally broken. The first art drop since December 31st happened yesterday, leaves left in the Spring light, I did say I would never do it again.  Two pieces were left hanging on a wall and a fence, both in Islington, hanging there waiting to be taken should someone wish to, two pieces painted on some found recycled wood and left hanging in North London, two of the 70 pieces brought to a conclusion so far in the first 70 days of 2017 as the notion of a painting brought to a conclusion on every single day of 2017.  And now the resolution has been broken I imagine there will be more carefully placed “drops” as the spring kicks in, there is a certain pleasure in painting on something picked up off the street or found in a skip and putting it back out there…


There hasn’t been any art drops in 2017…

Social media seems to think I need to share a memory from a year ago, this This photo was posted on Facebook on February 14th 2016 . I do like these photos that people post of them finding the pieces of art I’ve left on the street to be taken. There hasn’t been any art drops in 2017, the last one was on December 31st 2016, the new year resolution has held for just over 43 days now, it might not hold much longer though, Spring must be around the corner soon surely? Leaves need to shoot on walls soon, do like the smiles that the art drops result in…



Tunnels, leaves, art dropping, a painting a day, what price art?


#43ArtDrop, part 12/43 (Dec 2016)

Six days in and the new years resolution is holding, no more “dropping” of art. Such a silly term anyway. nothing was ever dropped, it was all carefully placed, deliberately hung on walls, agonised over, carefully considered in a very considered spot. That was last year though, art drops are so last year. There’s been complaints, of course there has, but what price art? “I only followed you on Facebook so I could get one, not fair that you say you’re not going to drop any more”. I think there’s been something like six of seven hundred so called art drops in the last few years (including 2015’s #365ArtDrop piece) What Price Art?


Cultivate on-line shop, Jan 6th 2017.

And there’s been a painting a day brought to a finished state in 2017 so far, although a painting is never actually “finished” until someone takes it away, everything here in the studio evolves, fresh layers, new growth. Yesterday’s finished painting has already been sold, tHe piece is off to Yorkshire today, painted on a piece of unwanted hardboard picked up off the Hackney street, recycled and now liberated, sold and off to hang on a wall in Yorkshire, Hebdon Bridge actually, never been there myself, my art travels far more then I get to. A painting finished everyday, not started on the same day though, just finished and then added to the Cultivate on-line shop like yesterday’s was. Paintings are started and go on for months, this year one will be finished every day.


“Growth on a Floorboard” Jan 5th 2017. Fresh leaf growth on a found unwanted hardwood floorboard. (Acrylic, spray paint on recycled hardwood, 29cmx20cm) SOLD

The What Price Art? question was something we have asked via several gallery shows. Art placed on gallery walls and viewers invited to pay whatever they want, or whatever they see fit, no debate no saying no, whatever the view said went. it made for all kinds of interesting conversation. .

What price art? A return to the ongoing question for the new year.  A piece of art will be posted on e.bay weekly throughout 2017, a piece of art posted once a week via an on-line auction site, each piece with an opening bid price of £0.01, one piece a week for 52 weeks.  What price art?  A weekly piece of art there to be bid on. The first piece went up on the auction site last Wednesday evening with an opening bid price of 1p, view it here on ebay. The second piece will go up for an opening bid price of 1p next week

on with the leaf growing, lots to be cultivated this year, art can’t slow down.


The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the final #43ArtDrop piece of 2016 were left hanging on….

#43ArtDrop Part 4/43 (Dec 2016)

#43ArtDrop Part 4/43 (Dec 2016)

The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the final #43ArtDrop piece of 2016 were left hanging on four walls in East London today, Sunday December 18th.  Four paintings on recycled wood picked up off the London streets, four pieces painted on and then hung back out on the streets for people to take should they wish to. A piece of work in 43 parts, the final part will be hung on a wall before the year ends. 43 paintings on found things, the paintings have to be on found things, fresh growth and fresh layers on things no longer wanted. Each piece marked with #43ArtDrop so people can interact with the piece of work….