And so there’s another Art Drop piece in progress, another #43Leaves piece, it is about the engagement…

#43Leaves – 43/2 August 4th 2020, A leaf left hanging in Shoreditch, East london.

“When are you going to do it all again?”, “when will there be more leaf drops?” In my head they’re leaves, others are welsome to see what they wish to, it is about fresh leaf layers, new growth on the things we throw out, the things we no longer want, the material we just throw out with seemingly very little thought or consideration. I do so hate waste.  And so there was six wooden floorboards in a skip in Hackney, they couldn’t be left there, they had to be used, they had to be cleaned, sanded, cut to make 43 blank canvas pieces, it is about waste, it is als oabout engagement, and especailly while we can’t really get to galleries and do those things some of us love to do.

Once again one piece of work, once again one piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings on found recycled material, Material cleaned up, painted on and then just left out there for people to take should they wish to. No gallery, no money, just engagement, no perminant scar left on the street, no multiple paste up violations impossed on people or street art wall pieces painted as publicity ahead of some gallery show and another l”limited edtion” print release, nothing people are forced ot look at for months and months as they walk to the station, just a painting that hangs there for a couple of hours or maybe a day or two until someone who wishes to takes it and hangs it in their home or their place of work (although I have known the pieces from previous art drops to turn up in galleries with price tags on them and not a word said you me about it).

And so there’s another Art Drop piece in progress, another #43Leaves piece, there have been many of these over the last eight or nine years, the year-long #365ArtDrop pieces in 2015 and 2018, the #43Leaves pieces at things like Dpetford X  or the Folkestone Triennial ot Hackney WickEd, indeed the Hundred Pieced piece at Hackney WickEd in 2013 (or was it 2012?)

#43Leaves – 43/3 August 4th 2020, A leaf left hanging in Hackney, East london.

Once again there is a #43Leaves hashtag on the back of each piece, if you do take a piece (and I really want you to do that, they are there to take)  we’d love to hear from you, we’d love to know where the piece has gone, we’d love ot see you with a photo of the piece, these pieces are as much about you as they are about me, they are about your stories and where the pieces get to and…

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