More gardening on this evolving canvas, a found piece of art and…

Fresh layers, new leaves, time for a little more gardening on this evolving canvas today, time to cultivate a fresh layer on this piece of work in progress. Meanwhile underneath this piece of work in progress some more on the drops in Folkestone last Friday….


What price art? – And as I keep saying, the interaction and the use of the hashtag and seeing where the art goes in all part of what these #43ArtDrop pieces are about. Here’s a rather fine photo that appeared via a social media feed on the evening of the art drop around Folkestone and the Folkestone Triennial/Fringe. The drop happened last Friday afternoon, this is a photos of one of the pieces found (thanks Scarlet).  These pieces of work area little more than just sticking a painting in a gallery with a price tag on it, these photos are priceless, love this one. Thanks for taking the time to post the photo, this is what it was about…


There’s a lot more about last Friday’s adventures in Folkestone and exploring the art of the evolving town, lots (and lots) of words and photos via the Organ page –  ORGAN THING: Folkestone is an Art School, exploring the 2017 Triennial and dropping art around the evolving town……


#43ArtDrop, September 2017, Folkestone, Kent. A piece of work in 43 part.s.


a #43ArtDrop, Folkestone



Cats, hop leaves and one slightly used flat screen computer monitor for sale….



Found a flat screen computer monitor in the street sometime ago, been kicking around here in the studio (with all the other found things waiting to be painted on), the monitor has been here for a couple of years picking up bits of leaf growth and such on it, a piece is never finished until someone takes it away. Dragged the monitor out and painted a fresh leaf on it this week, this one feels like it needs to be taken away now, or maybe plugged in and stood in a gallery on that 1960’s crate (eight shilling deposit so it says on the side, found the crate on the street as well).  I never consider a piece finished until it is taken away, if a piece stays around here then leaves and such will grow, new layers, ever evolving, never stopping, than monitor is finished (for now).



I was outside yesterday growing black and pink hop leaves on a found piece of marine plywood, I was working on another piece actually (there’s usually several pieces being painted on) when a passer by asked if that one was finished and could he buy it. It wasn’t finished at the time, he insisted it was we had quite a long friendly chat about it, as much as he wanted to, I wouldn’t let him take it, in my head it wasn’t finished. I know I keep saying a a piece is never finished but they do generally arrive in a state that I do consider finished, when a piece goes on a gallery wall (or out on the street) it is considered finished, but then if it does come back here to the studio new layers will eventually grow on it. Yesterday’s piece was simply work still in progress, it is finished now, Hopstarz, several layers of black, blue, red and white starz painted over the last few weeks and now underneath those pink and black hop leaves painted yesterday (those starz were always going to be underneath a layer of leaves) . I imagine it will be “dropped” next week, or taken to the next show and hung on a gallery wall with other starz and leaves and….



That cat sent his/her owner out to buy some pieces at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, did I share that photo already, it does make me smile, nothing wrong with art smiling now and again and there really isn’t enough cats on the internet (next week we’re at the All Dogs Matter show in Victoria Park, East London by the way).

Now who wants one slightly used Computer monitor, one careless owner, taken as seen, might not be in fully working order, no refunds?  Everything is a canvas (well besides a cat, a cat is never a canvas). More about the dog show and such in a bit, leaves to paint, hops to grow, old beer bottle crates to recycle, Starz records to play, drops to carefully “drop”.

More recent pieces…..

The Girl With The yellow Ribbon and such…

Dropped some older pieces off at the Tempus Gallery in Brick Lane (East London) today, the rather intimate gallery right in the middle of the street (over the road from Rough Trade), requested them, so why not? Why not indeed, if the pieces spend any more time around here then fresh layers will start to grow….