More gardening on this evolving canvas, a found piece of art and…

Fresh layers, new leaves, time for a little more gardening on this evolving canvas today, time to cultivate a fresh layer on this piece of work in progress. Meanwhile underneath this piece of work in progress some more on the drops in Folkestone last Friday….


What price art? – And as I keep saying, the interaction and the use of the hashtag and seeing where the art goes in all part of what these #43ArtDrop pieces are about. Here’s a rather fine photo that appeared via a social media feed on the evening of the art drop around Folkestone and the Folkestone Triennial/Fringe. The drop happened last Friday afternoon, this is a photos of one of the pieces found (thanks Scarlet).  These pieces of work area little more than just sticking a painting in a gallery with a price tag on it, these photos are priceless, love this one. Thanks for taking the time to post the photo, this is what it was about…


There’s a lot more about last Friday’s adventures in Folkestone and exploring the art of the evolving town, lots (and lots) of words and photos via the Organ page –  ORGAN THING: Folkestone is an Art School, exploring the 2017 Triennial and dropping art around the evolving town……

#43ArtDrop, September 2017, Folkestone, Kent. A piece of work in 43 part.s.
a #43ArtDrop, Folkestone