More fresh leaf growth and the notion of a smaller painting brought to a finished every day…

The 79th painting of 2017 happened on the 79th day of the year, two days ago, March 20th 79/365, More  fresh leaf growth and the notion of a smaller painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth and new layers growing in an unwanted vintage frame found on the street (20cm x 25cm) – Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, varnish.. The 80th Piece was completed yesterday, day 80, and I expect an 81st will be completed or concluded before today ends.


79/365, 79th painting, 25cm x 20cm, Fresh Leaf Growth


MEANWHILE THE WHAT PRICE ART? QUESTION GOES ON   – What Price Art week 9 – A return to the What Price Art question and a piece of art posted up on E.bay every week with an opening bid price of 1p. This piece went live as a 1p E.bay auction piece, last week. and ends this evening,  Wednesday March 22nd. Piece number nine is now live, go find it on ebay, that link there or my name in the ebay search engine should take you to it (as well as other smaller pieces that are for sale on ebay).  What Price Art? A new piece will be posted tonight as the auction on this piece comes to an end.


What Price Art week nine, a hand painted piece of 12″ vinyl.

The idea of a painting concluded every day goes on, some of them are being added to the Cultivate on-line shop, some posted on ebay, some hung on street walls for people to take and such.  Meanwhile a number of bigger pieces are in production ready for forthcoming shows, both solo and Cultivate group shows. We will be back at the 2017 Art Car Boot Fair in London this year and Folkestone as well, always a buzz to see the invitation to take part arrive, and always a highlight of the art year. Watch this space for news of new show and more soon…

Part 68 to Part 79 of the ongoing daily concluded smaller paintings… Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow.



The 56th painting on the 56th day, the red thing, the notion of viewing art on line…


Fresh leaf growth and the notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on an unwanted recycled 12″ vinyl Record – Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, varnish The 56th painting of 2017

The 56th painting of 2017, more fresh leaf growth, a fresh layer and the notion of a smaller painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on an unwanted recycled 12″ vinyl Record – Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, varnish, the 56th small painting on the the 56th day of the year. The 57th will be concluded tomorrow, I imagine the 58th will be concluded on Monday, the same day as the Red show goes live on line.  The Red show is an experiment, something I’m curating right now – Hot on the heels of Cultivate’s  return to Dalston’s  beautiful basement gallery known as BSMT Space with the Fragile show two weeks ago, Cultivate brings you Red. The show will run here on the Organ pages as well as on the Cultivate website. here’s the Cultivate update


“Opening on Monday February 27th at 6pm, Red will be another gathering of pro-active artists and another exercise in artist-led cross-pollination.  This time we Cultivate on line, sometimes we do it in formal galleries, or in warehouses or at dog shows or under railway bridges or in car parks at the seaside, this time we do it online. A group show featuring the art of 20 selected artists, selected via an on-line open call. Red goes live at 6pm (UK time) on Monday 27th February at and

Opening on Monday evening, Red will run on-line until, well until who knows when, maybe forever? Red will feature the work of 20 selected artists. Submissions were via an open call via (no one was charged to submit an e.mail images, we are very much against the cynical notion of charging artists a fee just to submit an e.mail and an image to to an open call show)  The show will go live on line on the Organ website and on the Cultivate website on February 27th and will run until the world ends (or we do).

The work will be of a red nature, the colour will hopefully unite the show, we’re exploring the submissions now, this is very much an experiment, submissions are being accepted up until midnight on Sunday. More details about the open call via

“I’m still not sure how I feel about the notions of art on-line (I avoided instagram for ages and ages), but then that’s why we’re experimenting with it and debating it here at Cultivate. I look at the numbers of people around the world who view the features on gallery openings and exhibitions via both the Cultivate website and in much bigger numbers via the busy Organ website – for instance over eight thousand people viewed the photos (and words) from the Kembra Pfahler show at Emalin Gallery in East London when the images (and words) were posted on the Organ website.  Eight thousand viewers during the week the review went live on the Organ website back at the end of last year.  I very much doubt if anywhere near a thousand people actually physically went to the show when it was on.  My own art website has already been visited by people from New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Singapore, USA and more this morning, nobody living in Singapore can see my art on an East London gallery wall unless they look at photos of the show on-line.

On-line art can never be a substitute for seeing most people’s art in the flesh on a gallery wall (or a street wall, or hanging in a tree, or…), there is no substitute for seeing art right there in front of you living and breathing, right there in the flesh, alive, the texture, the size, the smell – however as artists, we surely can’t ignore the fact that most people see out art via computer screens can we? This surely has to be embraced doesn’t it? Surely we have to experiment with it? And so Red will open on-line next Monday on both the Cultivate and Organ websites, come and see if the experiment works”. (SW)

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My side of the Fragile show last week…


SEAN WORRALL – Fragile at BSMT Space gallery, Feb 2016

Fragile opened this time last week, a group show and a gathering of 16 proactive artists, Cultivated in a basement gallery over in London N16. A short sharp shock of a Cultivate show, it was “eventful” pulling it all together, I’ll write about the process over on the Cultivate blog in a day or so, there are some words and images up there already, this website is more about my own art rather than my curating and artist-herding and the putting on of shows. There’s photos of the work of all the artists along with images from the busy opeing and some words and thoughts from me over on the Organ pages (where music, art and underculture is written about on a daily basis).

Here then are some images of my work on the walls of BSMT Space gallery as part as the Cutlivate curated gtoup show Fragile, it happened at the start of February, one wall full of the paiinting a day pieces and a couple of other larger pieces in there alongside the work of ther artists we selected for the latest Cultivate show

Click on am image ot enlarge or to run the fracture slide show….


The notion then, the thought that a painting should be completed every day during 2017, not started, just brought to a conclusion…

The notion then, the thought that a painting should be completed every day during 2017, not started, just brought to a conclusion. Pieces that have been evolving over days, weeks, sometimes years. A smaller piece a day (there are bigger pieces of work in progress, it isn’t all about these smaller pieces coming to a conclusion every day)


“Let Them Drink Wine” – The notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on a recycled wooden lid of a wine box. Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, gold paint, varnish on wood 29cm x 20cm. The 21st painting of 2017.


The What Price Art? question go on, I expect this one will carry on throughout the year as well. The third weekly posting of a piece of work on e.bay happened last Wednesday. Each week a piece posted on the auction site with a piece posted weekly at an opening bid price of 1p, each piece left there for a week and what price art? You decide. The third piece is currently up on-line, there to be bid on, view it here

This week’s What Price Art piece is a had painted piece of 7″ vinyl (that’s it up there), painted on an old ORG Records release, an old Gog Magog single from back in the days when we were foolish enough to run a record label. One of the finest releases ever, I might just throw in an unpainted copy of the single as well, a classic slice of London punk rock,,,. Go explore ebay, put my name in the search engine, I’m sure you’ll find it (as well as a number of other reasonably priced pieces of art from myself and other Cultivate associated artists)


“Black Leaf, Herb Robert 3” – The notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on a small square canvas. Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, gold paint, varnish on canvas 15cm x 15cm x 1cm. The 20th painting of 2017.

Images of the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd paintings of 2017 are here, click on a thumbnail to enlarge or to run the slide show of the latest pieces.  You will find these smaller more”affordable” pieces of art for sale via the Cultivate on-line shop, at the moment the pieces are being posted every day as they are brought to a conclusion.This link will take you to the shop The Cultivate on-line shop is constantly re-stocked with work, we tend to feature the small sized/priced pieces in the shop.  The bigger pieces don’t tend to be put in the shop, ask if you’re interested, there are always larger pieces being painted…


Debased, three weeks on, the aircraft carrier is docked, time for some painting…

Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (detail) (2016 - Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (detail) (2016 – Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 150cm)

October 17th 2016, the sun is out, the leaves are glorious, the Eleven O’clock pigeon is sitting by the door, the Debased show was three weeks ago now, the Debased group show marked five pretty intense years of Cultivate events and five non-stop years of organising, herding, promoting, occasionally fighting, five years of talking about other people’s art, promoting other artists (a thankless pursuit on the whole, artists always seem to demand more and whatever you do it is never  enough). Five years of making things happen, battling space owners, galleries, landlords, councils and more. Debased was a great show, trumpets were blown, the performance art was intense, emotionally so – beautiful. I though the fifteen (or was it sixteen?) artists on the wall provided a collective body of strong engaging exciting art, it felt like a damn good show, a well put together show (see, more trumpet blowing, it was a good hang). I wasn’t that happy with my own art in the Debased show, slightly depressing to have to spend five days in that basement looking at it, art debased indeed, thankfully the other artists compensated for that and overall Debased felt good enough to call for that blowing of trumpets and celebrating of circles and bananas and colour and cut out.  Debased felt good, it feels like a good point to stop and take a much needed breath to two.

A part of the #43ArtDrop found and a photo posted by the finder

A part of this Summer’s #43ArtDrop found and a photo posted by the finder

And so three weeks on from Debased and deliberately not booking any more shows or taking part in shows or actively trying (too hard) to find spaces, I’m politely turning down invites and resisting temptations both is terms of Cultivate and my own art. Of course the studio here is bursting with paintings, and yes, the occasional invite from an artist or two that doesn’t involve me running the whole damn show and being the one who has to do all the barking and fighting and pissing off of people might be nice – and people do get pissed off, they do take it for granted and tell you however much you’ve done for them it really isn’t enough – they block you, “unfriend” you, curators ban you, artists treat you like an aircraft carrier,  and yes, to quote the late Joshua Compston once more, land on you and then use you to take off from again with never a second though for the notion that some of the favour might be returned and that it might be about a little more than just taking taking all the time.  We reckon over the last five or so years there’s been around about a thousand or so artists taking part in our many many shows and events, not that many return invites though – – asked one artist we had championed again and again for details of a new art space she had found that she was putting a show on at, it looked like an exciting space, she point blank refused to share the information and pretty much made it clear she didn’t need us anymore now that the bigger curators were showing her work, not sure how that has worked out for her, really do hope it is working, still championing her art via the pages of Organ and such, but it is a shame to see how these things flow again and again.

And so for the first times in at least five years there are no Cultivate shows coming up, no venues to organise, no publicity to be done or posters to make, no artists to chase and listen to or deal with while they tell me they can’t get to the hang on time because their big black dog has eaten their homework and no finances to juggle, for the first time in far more than five years I’m not scheduled to be taking part in any group shows, there are no solo shows booked, there’s not a single thing in the diary . A breath is being taken, some much time and space to just paint is being explored and I rather like the beautiful fact that there are no forthcoming events and no artists to deal with and no shows to occupy my mind… The aircraft carrier is in dry dock…

#43, under the bridge

#43,  a 43 minute show under a bridge (Feb 2016)

This weekend it was off to the seaside….

Busy times, maximalist, I like it like that, don’t get the idea of a holiday or the concept of time off, art makes me feel alive, making art, sharing art, showing art, engaging. Last week is was On The Brink in the woods out in Leytonstone, that and the industrial reality of Clare Street and that Displacement show here in East London, this weekend it was off to the seaside and Hastings and the pleasure that is the Art Car Boot Fair, seaside treats indeed…..



There’s a review, lots of photos and flavours over on the Organ pages, I’ll repeat the words here,  if you want the photos of the day, the other artists and the rest then please do head over to the Organ pages, the Organ words are re-posted here with photos of just my part in the day, do explore the rest though, it was a fine day….


Hastings then, off to the seaside for the second leg of this year’s always keenly anticipated Art Car Boot Fair adventure. The tradition now is to follow the main event down East London’s Brick Lane with an Art Car Boot Fair day trip, in past years the destination has been to take part in the Biennial at Liverpool, the sea front at Margate, the key Folkestone, the opening of Olympic Park in London, this year it we were off to the East Sussex coast and (hopefully) the sunshine of the Hastings seafront. Off on the first train out of Victoria, (encounter onrushing members of the MCC coming the other way, correct tie, stripes just right, must get that seat, straw hats and the third day of Lord’s test match). We’re off out of the city, off South East, off for a Sussex adventure, off to the seaside. Off on the train, escaping the city, rushing through green fields, galloping through the morning sunshine, the clouds are gone, warmth on our faces, we’re feeling hopeful, is summer finally here? Past the Longman of Wilmington, head past Easbourne and out along the coast, train full of people heading for the same destination as is, sea almost lashing as we head through St Leonards. Southern Rail running on time, off to the seaside and the sunshine with big (big) bags loaded full of art, off to meet the rest of the Cultivate team and the big cast of contributing artists. .



The Hastings leg of the Art Car Boot Fair is taking place on the seafront in a big car park right by Jerwood Gallery, in amoungst the fish and chip shops, the fun fair rides, the miniature railway, the beached fishing trawlers, the gloriously rusting tractors, splendid tall thin black wooden fishermen’s net workshops (unique to Hastings and apparently saved from the destructive onslaught of property developers that ended in a riot back in 1824. And of course in amoungst the the millions of bold seagulls (pretty clear who runs this town, you don’t mess with the gulls!).



We’ve documented the Art Car boot Fair and the pleasure of being a part of it before on these pages, Margate last year was a little bit more than an hot dog, Brick Lane this year was fun even if we did have to battle the wind and the rain. We really needed that sunshine yesterday, we really needed the summer to finally arrive, been a tough year so far. Hastings was glorious, the weather was glorious, the old fishing town welcomed us with open arms, the people lined-up to get in (and yes, rush for the big name grab first), heads got burnt, ice creams licked, smiles on faces. Bands played, The Band Of Holy Joy adding their own style to the dramatic Hastings backdrop, Martin Creed and his band adding their uniquely shambolic lo-fi whit in that positively charged artpunk way they do, Geraldine Swain, she curently of Faust with Yumi Hara and various kraut rock flavoured musicians . A day of art and colour and music and smiles and sunshine and sales, oh yes, it always nice to sell a piece or two, a lot of time and effort goes in to everyone’s art (and those train tickets aren’t cheap either).



New artists mixing with familiar faces, interaction mingling with pop art, prints with people, paint with performance. Wildcat Will all glittery and punk rock with hid Warhol soup in the boot next to us, Sir Peter Blake was a gent as usual, John Copper Clarke with a print featuring his Evidentally Chickentown lyrics, Emin International causing their usual fuss, was Tracey there? Not sure, as we said when we wrote about Brick Lane a few weeks ago, you don’t get to see everything when you’re an artist in your “boot” taking part. People come along and tell you what’s happening over there and have you seen this or that? You see someone passing with an exciting bit of art and wonder about who might have made it? Picking out names isn’t what the Art Car Boot Fair is about, connecting with new things, new art, fresh art and the pleasure of artists and public engaging with each other, the engagement is really where the pleasure of the Art Car Boot Fair lies. Art and smiles (and classic Vauxhall cars), we had a great time in Hastings, we had another great art adventure courtesy of the Art Car Boot Fair, what more do we need to say? Excellent day, seaside treats indeed, back home with bags not so big and heavy, back to the city of a train packed with very (very) loud London-bound danceheads high on even more excitement than we started our day with, excellent time, thank you Hastings, we had a wonderful time, we love being part of the Art Car Boot fair, art with an ice cream and a smile, thanks everyone, (SW) .

A solo show in an East London railway arch next week, a piece in Richmond Park and…

New shows, busy busy busy Summer coming up, leaves to grow, thorns to prune, layers to contend with, (you can of course keep up with some of this via my Facebook page or my new Instagram feed).  Two new shows coming up, both linked to each other. First some tagging in Richmond…

Richmond, Surrey, April 2016

Richmond, Surrey, April 2016

two news shows then..

The nomadic thing that is Cultivate returns to the scene of January’s Reveal show and that railway arch by London Fields, Hackney, East London, as guests of Fount.  ThIs time a solo exhibition of paintings from Sean Worrall.

Thorns_april2016The show opens on Tuesday April 12th and will run until Wednesday April 20th (closed on the Monday), we will have a late night opening on Thursday 14th April when the show will be open until 9pm (expect guests, performance and more on the Thursday and throughout the show)

Sean Worrall will present a collection of his recent (ongoing) series of Sometimes They Have Thorns paintings that have been evolving during 2016. The series of paintings that started at the Reveal show and formed a big part of the #43 show that happened on the 43rd day of the year with that one day show on the street under a railway bridge, the series that continued at the recent Debaser show over at BSMTSpace and will continue once more with new work for this nine day solo show in the railway arch at Fount.

The gallery walls will be alive with thorny growth, leaves on canvas (although some see other things and talk of leafhearts and such), expect thorns, pruning of growth, gardening, painting on canvas, on found things and for the last time this year the canvas paitnings will be on sale at no more than £43 each (these will once again also be smaller pieces painted on found recycled vinyl or pieces of reclaimed wood, expect work priced as low as £5).

Cultiartmart_april2016The show will evolve through the nine days with Sean working at the space (or outside the space) during the period.

And as is tradition now with Sean’s solo shows, there will be a guest wall of artists invited to take part and make use of one wall in the space (Cultivate is about getting art and artists out there, artists coming together and doing it ourselves)

And while Sometimes They Have Thorns is going on inside under the arch, outside we shall have an art mart, a small art fair….

CULTIVATE ART MART: On the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th April, Cultivate will present an outdoor market/art fair in the yard of Fount, (with gazebos, tables, paintings, prints, stalls and such), East London Prints will also be there over the weeknd with thier extensive collection of affordable prints.

Fount is under the railway inside (and outside) an arch, right by London Fields, Netil Market and everything that goes on at Broadway Market, you have art, food, drink, vintage treasure and entertainment everywhere over the weekend…