Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017 continues with…


Some of the recently concluded daily paintings (late November 2017)

Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017 continues with a piece being brought to conclusion on every day of the year. December is upon us now and painting 338 is over there awaiting conclusion before this day comes to an end, it could be one of several pieces that is brought to a conclusion, this is not about starting a smaller painting on every day, just bring one to a completed conclusion, there are many on the go here in the studio.  You can view all the concluded painting up until number 331 here on this page.  

The most recent pieces are all painted on recycled cardboard, all around 21cm x 21cm. Will this continue beyond the end of the year?

Meanwhile, painting number twelve, one of the earliest from this year-log series (that may just continue beyond the end of 2017), one of the earlies that hasn’t been sold or hung on the the street, one of the earliest I still have, has been donated to APP’s 2017 Art Auction, the charity are doing a bit of fundraising, there’s more details here or go directly to the ebay auction here, last time I looked the bidding had only just started so, well, over to you…   APP or Action on Postpartum Psychosis is a charity researching Postpartum Psychosis  (PP) is “a severe, but treatable, form of mental illness that occurs after having a baby. It can happen ‘out of the blue’ to women without previous experience of mental illness”.


11/365, 12th January 2017 – ‘Thorns and Herb Robert’ – 
(The notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017, Day twelve and some fresh leaf growth on a small square canvas.)
Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, varnish on canvas
15cm x 15cm x 1cm




The emotion of selling a painting…

The 88th painting of 2017 was completed in the early hours of this morning, the 88th day of the year, March 29th, unless that is I’ve lost count again, it is the 88th day isn’t it?. The 88th painting concluded and more fresh leaf growth and the notion of a smaller painting brought to a finished state on every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth and new layers growing on on an evolving piece of 12″ vinyl, now concluded – Acrylic, brush work, marker pen, spray paint, glitter paint and gloss varnish if you must know – an old piece of recycled unwanted 12″ vinyl recycled (or maybe even upcycled)


88/365 – The 88th painting of 2017, March 29th – “Fresh Leaf Growth”

These smaller daily paintings aren’t started on the same day as they are concluded, some start days before, some weeks, some are pieces that have been evolving for a couple of years, that piece of vinyl there was originally painted on in the summer of 2014 and has been painted on several times since. A painting ever evolving, it is now completely concluded and won’t ever be touched again. I know I keeping saying a painting is never ever finished and if it sticks around here layers will constantly grow, with this series of 365 painting concluded during 2017, they will most certainly not be touched again.  And like the #365ArtDrops of 2015, this is being viewed as one piece of work, a piece of work in 365 parts, a piece of work evolving and flowing throughout the year, a piece started on January 1st and running until December 31st (if that isn’t tempting fate), 365 smaller paintings concluded on a daily basis with parts of the piece heading of to all kinds of places, art off to California, Spain, Yorkshire, Manchester, Hastings, South London….

Some of them are being dropped, the 61st piece in this series of daily paintings was “dropped” last week. The “ArtDrops” are never dropped of course, they are always carefully places in considered locations, left hanging there for someone to take should they wish to. This particular piece was left hanging in a tunnel near Shoreditch Railway station, East London, last week. I expect that now the weather is getting better there will be a lot more #artdrop pieces being left in colourful places…


An Art Drop, an #ArtDrop, Shoreditch, March 2017

MEANWHILE THE WHAT PRICE ART? QUESTION GOES ON   – What Price Art week 10 – A return to the What Price Art question and a piece of art posted up on E.bay every week with an opening bid price of 1p. This piece went live as a 1p E.bay auction piece, last week. and ends this evening,  Wednesday March 29th. Piece number ten is now live, go find it on ebay, that link there or my name in the ebay search engine should take you to it (as well as other smaller pieces that are for sale on ebay).  What Price Art? A new piece will be posted tonight as the auction on this piece comes to an end.

This week’s 1p ebay auction piece is this painted piece of 7″ vinyl


The 78th painting of 2017, March 19th 78/365 – “Fresh Leaf Growth” – Fresh leaf growth and the notion of a smaller painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth and new layers growing on a 7″ vinyl record

Sold one of my bigger paintings this morning, it is always good to sell a painting of course, paint does cost money and so does studio rent and brushes and food and well you know, starving artists and all that, always good to sell a painting, of course it is. Did feel a little sadness as I saw the message to say this one had sold though, grown rather attached to this particular one, it has been on the wall of the studio here for about three years now, I shall be taking it down and packaging it up in a moment, you do feel emotional attachments to these things sometimes – there’s all kind of feelings that flow around a piece of work, frustration, anger and sometimes very personal feelings revolving around the reasons you painted it and where you painted it and what’s in there along with the paint. A lot is committed to the bigger paintings, the ones that are worked on for weeks, months, years, the ones that are battled with, agonised over, fought with, that fight you….

Here some photos of the latest completed daily pieces and that recent art drop, as always click on an image to enlarge or run the fractured slide show

“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat”

sw_brokengoldframe“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat” said someone on a social media site yesterday (a site called Ello if you must know), kind of like that. it was a comment underneath a photo of a piece that emerged from the studio here yesterday, a piece that doesn’t have a name yet and may not be finished yet. I guess it was an old mirror frame that had fallen off someone’s wall, there it was on top of a rubbish skip ready to go off to landfill until….

Got in to a chat about the “motif”…

“I see the motif (or some might tag) as a leaf, others see hearts, or
whatever they wish to see, and that is fine, some even talk of leafhearts, for me it is a about growth, new things growing on old  unwanted things, fresh life on dereliction, the hope of new leaves….”

So yea, aesthetic consolation in an urban setting…..  I rather liked that…. Mirror mirror on the wall, His heart was broken long before he ever came to you. Stop your tears from falling, The trail they leave is very clear for all to see at night…   Found another old wooden frame the other day, with just a tired old wooden panel in it…