“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat”

sw_brokengoldframe“Your work is aesthetic consolation in urban settings. Neat” said someone on a social media site yesterday (a site called Ello if you must know), kind of like that. it was a comment underneath a photo of a piece that emerged from the studio here yesterday, a piece that doesn’t have a name yet and may not be finished yet. I guess it was an old mirror frame that had fallen off someone’s wall, there it was on top of a rubbish skip ready to go off to landfill until….

Got in to a chat about the “motif”…

“I see the motif (or some might tag) as a leaf, others see hearts, or
whatever they wish to see, and that is fine, some even talk of leafhearts, for me it is a about growth, new things growing on old  unwanted things, fresh life on dereliction, the hope of new leaves….”

So yea, aesthetic consolation in an urban setting…..  I rather liked that…. Mirror mirror on the wall, His heart was broken long before he ever came to you. Stop your tears from falling, The trail they leave is very clear for all to see at night…   Found another old wooden frame the other day, with just a tired old wooden panel in it…