Things, chewing over other people’s art, have you got one of the drops?

#365ArtDrops Part 227

#365ArtDrops Part 227

You’ll find almost daily thoughts, words and bits of chewing over of things over there on the Organ pages. Organ these days is bits of chewing over other people’s art or music or painting or whatever is exciting us this week, bits of chewing over underculture and a thing of the day most days of the week. Today’s thing goes like this…ORGAN THING: The triumph behind artist Pablo Delgado’s yellow door, oldschool hardcore punks Oi Polloi take to the riverbank… That Pablo Delgado show is rather good, you really need to go see it, or experience it more than see it… .

The Organ started as a handmade, zine wrapped in a hand screen printed cover, back at the end of the 80’s, Organ has always been about covering good bits of art, music and more, these days Organ is little more than a back to basics blog but you will fine lots of news and links and more that should take you to the art out there…


#365ArtDrops part 226 found…

Meanwhile the careful placing of the #365ArtDrops goes on, a small piece painted on an offcut piece of wood and left hanging on a hook outside a bar in Brick Lane was found and claimed by these four people.  A piece left further along Brick lane, was found by Charmaine

“Hi Sean, Found your art while on a Street Art Tour with Dave.  Have got it hanging in my kitchen at the moment. What am I meant to do with it next? I would like to keep it but not sure that is the general idea. It’s number is 234/365. Kind regards Charmaine”
Thanks, big big thanks, but there is nothing more you are meant to do Charmaine, once I “drop” a piece then that piece is out of my hands, it belongs to the street until whoever wants to take it takes it. If you wish to hang the piece on your kitchen wall then brilliant! There are no rules, some of the pieces have turned up in galleries, we’ve heard about one or two being sold,  a piece left in East London turned up in a gallery in Margate earlier this month so we’re told, saw another hanging next to a Tracey Emin in an East London gallery the other day, I’m pretty certain some have just gone to landfill most seem to go somewhere,  . There are no rules and I’m not going to make a comment about the galleries, once a piece is left out it takes a journey and there are no rules. According to the East London arts newspaper East End Review, we’re putting book of it all together, and yes, it would be great if people were to use the hash tag and post photos like the excellent one above to Twitter or Facebook, or indeed e.mail them directly to us. Photos of people with the piece, or photos of the pieces hung on your wall, or just news of where the pieces have got to? 234 pieces have gone out now, we know of the fate of around fifty of them, anyone have any news of the others to to share? Get yourselves in the book….
#365ArtDrops Part 230

#365ArtDrops Part 230

More later…


Waiting for a Christmas tree…

#‎365ArtDrops‬ Part 190, Painted on a found piece of wood and now hanging out with a Stik waiting for a Christmas tree (or for someone to come along and take it) on the Cambridge Heath Road, borders of Bethnal Green and Hackney.

I read yesterday that I had written a piece on the so called free art movement here (the last entry here on this blog thing of mine), I hadn’t written “an article”, I blog about my own art here, I write about what I’m doing here, mostly for myself, for you if you’re interested, recording my processes, my thoughts.. I do write articles and pieces about art in other places, mostly on the the Organ pages, yesterday it was a small piece called Lollipop’s Summer Art show, stuckists, Sweet Toof, Manifestos and…    I imagine I shall step away from working the big canvas I have leaves growing on here in the studio and carefully “drop” quite a few more parts of the #365ArtDrops piece today.