Waiting for a Christmas tree…

#‎365ArtDrops‬ Part 190, Painted on a found piece of wood and now hanging out with a Stik waiting for a Christmas tree (or for someone to come along and take it) on the Cambridge Heath Road, borders of Bethnal Green and Hackney.

I read yesterday that I had written a piece on the so called free art movement here (the last entry here on this blog thing of mine), I hadn’t written “an article”, I blog about my own art here, I write about what I’m doing here, mostly for myself, for you if you’re interested, recording my processes, my thoughts.. I do write articles and pieces about art in other places, mostly on the the Organ pages, yesterday it was a small piece called Lollipop’s Summer Art show, stuckists, Sweet Toof, Manifestos and…    I imagine I shall step away from working the big canvas I have leaves growing on here in the studio and carefully “drop” quite a few more parts of the #365ArtDrops piece today.