“EMMA STREET, E2” installed…

“EMMA STREET, E2” installed down underground on level -3, QPark Underground car park, Cavendish Square, London W1 for the WE COULD NOT AGREE that opens this coming Monday October 13th (for Frieze week).

Why is the piece called Emma Street E2? Because the original hinged together wooden screen was found last month on a pile of thrown out rubbish thrown against a wall in Emma Street, Hackney, London, E2. Piece of leaf growth have been appearing on the beautifully weathered pieces of wood over the last month, some intense growing and cultivating of leaves on the piece that is now standing on a packing case and installed in the car park in central London. The evolution of the piece is documented further down this blog, I expect it will continue to evolve after this show, a piece is never finished until someone takes it away.

The opening night of the We Could not Agree Car Park show is 6pm to 9pm on Monday 13th october and then the show runs daily from Tuesday 14th Oct until Sunday 19th October at QPark Cr park, Level -3, Cavandish Square, London W1.