The adventure of number 22…

#365ArtDrops Part 22 (photo:Christophe Dounier)
#365ArtDrops Part 22 (photo:Christophe Dounier)

The adventure of #365ArtDrops number 22 so far…. A rather cheap and tatty Van Goch print was found sometime last year, can’t actually remember where now, spotted in a skip or something along those lines. The rather vulgar framed print had been sitting in the corner of the studio with all the other bits of junk picked up to recycle, reuse and paint on (there’s bits of old skateboards, frames, interesting cardboard, vinyl records, canvas pieces, high heeled shoes). Spray painted a very simple black leaf (some may see hearts, I see leaves, who is to say?), painted a little more, another crude tag-like leaf (some of the pieces will be crudely painted with little more that a simple bit of spray paint, others will be worked on again again, hours of work, both as valid as each other). And so piece number 22 was painted and ready to go out. I wrote on the back and put it in the bag, in the bag with nine other pieces last Saturday morning.

A short ride on a 55 bus with a bag full of paintings on bits of found wood, a piece on some heavy duty cardboard, a couple of small bits of block that had been painted on repeatedly over the last year or so. And a couple of hours later, ten numbered pieces were hung on the walls of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Brick Lane. Each piece is marked with the #365ArtDrops tag some people can interact on social media, the tag works on Facebook and Twitter…

So part 22 was hung on a nail on a temporary wooden wall  erected around an East London building site last Saturday morning, we took some photos, and left the scene, the photos were posted… was that it? Would we hear anything more of number 22? Tuesday morning, Twitter, seems the piece has been on an adventure and now has a home. Rather pleased to see some photos posted by somebody called Christophe (thanks Christophe), seems the piece somehow found itself outside a Shoreditch pub, wonder how it got there? Here’s the Twitter post….

 ·19 hours ago   “ Happily found outside The Griffin in Shoreditch and going my wall. Cheers Sean”.

it is good to know this one found a home, now what about the others?  That’s two out of twenty eight accounted for. Number twenty nine goes out any moment now….