So what did happen to number 28?

satjan_artdrop53Twenty eight of the planned three hundred and sixty five pieces left out so far, all being well, and not wishing to tempt fate, the final one will be “dropped” on December 31st 2015.  I like the idea of painting on found things that people have thrown away, recycling unwanted material, painting on it and hanging it on a wall, bringing it back to life for someone to hopefully take.  I have no idea what has happened to most of the 28 so far, well I could still see one hanging where I left it when I went past on the 48 bus yesterday and one of the very first ones is still where I left it. I heard back from person that she had the piece left outside London Fields Brewery in her toilet now (always a good piece for art), I know nothing of the fate of the rest of it.  Of the ten left out yesterday, one went very quickly, the other nine, who knows, still there maybe? I know most of the ones from earlier in the month are not where they were left now.

Each piece is numbered, signed and each one has the has tag #365ArtDrops on the back in the hope that tales of the fate of the pieces start to emerge on Twitter, Facebook and such. And no, it won’t always be East London (or indeed London), hopefully as we escape the town pieces will escape with us.   Now then, where shall I leave part 29 and 30.

That piece in the photo is part 28, painted on a piece of found wooden plank,  23cm x 45cm, acrylic, spray paint, screen print of an old line drawing. Wonder what happened to it?