365 Art drops on recycled found things in 2015 – Day two

– painting on found things then leaving them out again. Day 2, and a piece on a nice thick piece of found hardboard, painted last night and this morning and then left out in East London this afternoon….  tune in tomorrow for more.  A piece a day will be left out (all being well), Only rules are it must be a layer painted on something I’ve found that is obviously been thrown away on the street and it must be left again once I’ve painted on it.   . Today’s drop was on a busy street in Hackney, East London, the piece wasn’t there for long, no idea what happened to it.


Productive start to the year so far, 2015 was entered in the studio painting new leaf growth on a large canvas with the studio doors wide open as people partied and fireworks went off. Like to enter a new year painting.  Productive day in the cold January sunlight today.