The 6th One Hundred Pieced Piece and the people who were part of it…

The 6th One Hundred Pieced Piece, a piece of work in one hundred parts, painted on one hundred pieces of recycled cardboard. All painted with the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fir in mind One piece of work consisting of one hundred pieces, each hand painted with both brush and spray paint on one hundred pieces of recycled cardboard at the same time, Each piece on sale at £1 at the 2015 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, East London, on Sunday June 14th.


Some thoughts posted on social media this morning – “Good time had at the 2015 Art Car Boot Fair yesterday. Lots of meeting and chatting with people (sorry if i got a little busy as times when people were trying to talk to us on the stall). I do rather like the engagement that comes with the One Hundred Pieced Pieces and the idea of a piece of work that exists in one hundred pieces that can be sold for just one pound each. I see it as one piece of work that is shared between many people (so really I sold a piece of work for £100). I like that people come up to me and say they have a piece on their kitchen wall or in their office, I like that hardly any money changes hands and it really isn’t worth anything other than the pleasure. Really enjoy being a part of the Art Car Boot fair, really enjoyed it again yesterday. Of course it is good to sell a painting or two and and pay the never-ending bills, but there something about the pleasure in painting these £1 pieces and the enjoyment comes with the whole process. Big thanks everyone who came along, good to talk and share… Several people told me I should charge more for these pieces but that would defeat the object of the exercise. I might be as broke as hell but you can’t buy art moments like some of yesterday’s. Big thanks everyone, big thanks to the hard working organisers of the Art Car Boot Fair (it would drive me mad putting all that together, Play last week was enough for a bit). And a massive thanks for the chocolate and Guinness cake, the photos and the smiles

Here’s the photos of the One Hundred Pieced Piece, click on an image to enlarge or to run the slice show, big thanks to all in the photos….

2015 bootfairsmall