Part 123 was left underneath an East London railway bridge…

On with the #365ArtDrops, a year-long piece of work in 365 parts.123 and 124 were hung out on the street yesterday, part 123 painted on a found piece of wood and hung under a bridge by London Fields railway station, part 124 on an old block of wood (looked like something from an old piece of furniture) and now hanging outside a bar on Broadway, Hackney, East London. I expect quite a few more of the pieces will make it out there this midsummer weekend now that the distractions of the warehouse and the fun of the Art Car Boot Fair have passed for another year (well passed in terms of London, Margate still to come in late August).



#365ArtDrops Part 123 and 124…


Meanwhile a piece painted on a piece of board, well over an old faded print in a gold frame from a charity shop the day before the Art Car Boot Fair (and sold at said fair)

WHITE LEAF - 26cm x 36cm including frame,
WHITE LEAF – 26cm x 36cm including frame,