Last year it was about car parks, this year is about dropping things…

Last year it was about car parks, no car fumes this year, this year is about dropping things not repeating things, this year is hanging things on street walls. #365ArtDrops part 265 goes out today, ninety-nine more to go before this year-long piece of art ends…  .

SEAN WORRALL - "EMMA STREET" (A London carpark 2014)

So Wednesday afternoon was spent with my Organ hat on. Organ has been around in one for or another since the mid 80’s, myself and my Animating partner in crime Marina, started it back in the days when an electric typewriter was a luxury and the notion of a world-wide web was pure science fiction. Organ has been a handmade screen-printed zine, a glossy magazine, a pasted up news-sheet, issue seven was printed on a t-shirt, number 14 recorded on cassette that came in hand-made covers. Organ has been a radio show, a television show (proper one mind you, on your proper late-night TV, not some internet thing), these days Organ is mostly a blog, a daily blog read by thousands, just a blog though, and on Wednesday, on went the Organ hat on and an invitation to go explore the Frieze Art Fair was accepted. Was it any good? Here’s a bag loads of words and photos –  ORGAN goes to Frieze

A Liverpool carpark 2014
A warehouse in London Fields, E8
A warehouse in London Fields, E8