#365ArtDrops part 339, off to San Francisco….

More news just in: #‎365ArtDrops‬ Part 339, left out in a yard just off Brick Lane yesterday, found and documented on line today (via the hashtag and the good people over at Shoreditch Street Art Tours), off to San Francisco so it seems. This one was painted on all four sides of a found piece of wood. “This San Francisco bound piece is unusual as we haven’t found a piece of the #365artdrops artwork painted around all four sides like this one” so commented the street Art Tour blog, and indeed so, other pieces of wood have been painted like that, not “dropped” ones though (and yes, as pointed out on the blog, this one is 339).  “By coincidence, on a tour last Friday we also came across another product of Sean Worrall’s project and this now has a happy home with another Shoreditch Street Art Tour guest”..

All three photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland   (big thanks once more Dave)