Almost last throws then. Shoreditch, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Hackney, Stik, Bubble Tea and…

#365ArtDrops part 351
#365ArtDrops part 351, Hackney, East London

Last throws then, the year-long piece that is the #365ArtDrops is almost at an end, the last pieces, the last fourteen parts, will go out before 2015 ends. Fourteen pieces sitting here on the studio floor in various wet and sticky states of almost-ready-to-go-out tomorrow. A year’s worth of work, 365 paintings on things found on the street, painted on and put back out on the street, and each part with a story with every piece.

The final 14 parts will go out on the last day 2015, I imagine this will happen during the daylight hours and I suspect it will happen on the current home turf of East London. .Been quite a year, most of the parts have been carefully placed (never actually dropped) around London, although pieces have gone out in Colchester, Margate and such. And of course parts have been found by people and taken off on adventures all over the world. 

#365ArtDrops part 349
#365ArtDrops part 349, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, December 23rd

Parts of the piece went out last week outside railway stations in Shrewsbury and Moor Street, Birmingham, yesterday two more pieces went out in Hackney, in recent times pieces have been painted on small blocks of wood, on gift bags adorned with silky red and green ribbons, pieces have found their way to Los Angeles (via a bubble tea stall in Shoreditch, East London),  to Crystal Palace via a hook outside a pub on Broadway (East London)

#365ArtDrops part 348
#365ArtDrops part 348, Moor Street, Birmingham, December 23rd.

Next comes the documenting of it all and the gathering of photos of people with their found pieces and as much news as possible in terms of where the parts have ended up. Can this evolve in to a book? Off the top of my head I’m aware of pieces ending up in Germany, Sweden, Israel, Canada, Australia. Ireland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Oxford, as well as all over London. I imagine some made landfill, did you find one? Where have they gone…. What happened to that one outside Shrewsbury Railway station last week? Id did make it to Shropshire social media. What happened to the one left on the beach in Margate? Or that one left on the Southbank that time? How many survived? Did the # work? Some people used it to post their photos on Twitter, Facebook and such….

It all comes to an end tomorrow…. here’s the latest photos, click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show….