ORGAN THING: Gob on you ’cause you talk about art…

Over on the Organ pages I write about art, music, art shows, other painters, gigs, albums, we write about art, music, underculture.  A page goes up every day on the Organ website every single day, well almost, a thing of a day. Today’s Organ Thing of the Day was a bit of a reaction to a gallery who, instead of being pleased about a rather positive review written about a show, chose to moan about how the review hadn’t been written in the accepted academically correct art school manner. There are rules about these kind of things you know, we can’t have just anyone writing about art you know! For those of you who don’t tune in for a daily dose of Organ, I thought we’d repost the piece here…  And so here it is, today’s Organ thing of the day…..

ORGAN THING: Gob on you ’cause you talk about art…

#43ArtDrop, Hackney Wick, July 2016

Art excites me, sharing news of where the art is to be found seems like a rather positive exciting thing to do, talking about art, writing about art, it excites me, posting up words, photos that hint at things to be found on the actual gallery walls should you choose to go actually experience it for yourself, gt t othat gallery, art is exciting! Posting links to galleries where the shows are happening, writing about art, sharing art, writing bout artists, art is exciting, art excites me,.

displace_opening42Art excites me enough to want to write about it, to erect signposts pointing the way to the energy of a rewarding painter that excite me, to bands that really matter. Art excites me, a really good gig excites me, going to see an in-your-face band gets me excited. An exciting art show thrills me, a new painting up on a street wall excites me, a new album (or a these days a new track on a soundcloud page) excites me (okay, maybe not so much whe nit comes to a soundcloud post). Going to galleries excites me, almost addictive, when’s the next one? Art excites me, that’s why I do all this, this is why Organ has carried on (in one fractured form or another) for far (far) too long now.

Not for one tiny moment is the suggestion here that we should dumb art or the coverage of art down, to suggest that is to insult the art, the artist and most of all the audience.

What doesn’t excite me is academic bullshit and all the dancing around architecture that comes with the coverage art, the intellectual elitism and…. FURTHER READING