Someone bought a a new 32″ flatscreen television, meanwhile in the US Midwest…

Some fresh leafy growth in an unwanted frame thrown out. If a frame is left on the street then leaves will grow like these ones have grown on this piece of red and white cardboard box that was once packaging for a new 32″ flatscreen television and was then thrown into a Hackney skip (next to the recycling skip) The piece is 75cm x60cm including the all important found battle-scared  frame that is very much part of the piece rather than just framing the piece 9and as with everything on the streets of London, aThisOne sticker turned up on it)


I do like it when one of the artdrop pieces turns up half way around the globe. Can’t remember where in London I left this one, there has been a lot of them this year. “Street art from London, on our Midwest American back porch. No, really! You’re supposed to take it! artdrop” said the person who posted the photo of the piece on instagram earlier this week (thanks for posting, the photos on social media are part of it)