So, Debased happened, a beautifully intense show….

sw_biggoldleaf4Well that was a beautifully intense four or five days. Emma Harvey and I have been doing this Cultivate gallery thing for over five years now, we put on over 150 shows, evens and such, we’ve shown the art of well over a thousand artists, it has been almost defiant, it has been exciting, the art of sharing,  making things happen, taking over spaces and bring them to live. Last weekend we put on a Cultivate group show called Debased over at BSMT Space in Dalston, London N16.  There’s a great big article over on the Organ pages, a review packed with thought, word, image and to some extent frustration. I thought it was a very special show, intense, emotional, rewarding, very hard work…. Anyway, please do read about it and explore it all over on the Organ pages. There’s some images of the work I showed further down the page here, the art of the other artists we invited and the performances of Amy Kingsmill and Marnie Scarlet are over on the Organ pages along with the trumpet blowing and… and well thank you everyone, thanks to all who came, all who took part and all who followed the events on line and such. .


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head over to the Organ page for the art of the others involved