What price art? 1p all through 2017…

What price art? A return to the ongoing question for the new year.  A piece of art will be posted on e.bay weekly throughout 2017, a piece of art posted once a week via an on-line auction site, each piece with an opening bid price of £0.01, one piece a week for 52 weeks.  What price art?  A weekly piece of art there to be bid on. The first piece has just been posted, view it here on ebay.

The first piece is original hand painted piece, a hand painted piece of art on 7″ blue vinyl record.  The piece was originally painted in 2010 and then painted on again (freah growth, new layers, a thorny leaf) in 2016, the piece is signed on the back.  This is a painting on a piece of vinyl from Org Records, the record label the artist ran in the 1990s.  The piece is a mix of acrylic paint, spray paint, marker pen and varnish. The piece is unframed and will be sent out with a covering latter from the artist.   What price art?



Meanwhile, more fresh growth, new leaves, #SometimesTheyHaveThorns, the third painting of an already busy year, this is no time to slack off, onward with the cultivating, Fresh growth and a painting on a found wooden winebox lid.. 20cmx30cm. On sale via the Cultivate on-line shop any moment now.


SEAN WORRALL – “Growth on a Lid of a Wine Box 2” (2017)